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Orangescrum Learning Series: #3 How Task Types Helps you to manage your To-Dos

How Task Labeling Helps You To Manage Your To Do 2 1, Project Management Blog
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The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand. ~ Vince Lombardi

Well, in Professional life you can’t ignore it. Whether you follow or not but this is what you do every day at your workplace. Even we all follow the same rule at home or personal life. Are you wondering what I am talking about? Yes, I am talking about Task Management!

You may not be following it strictly, but you can’t ignore/deny its importance in professional life.

I can say, Managers or Team Leads less manage tasks & more manage projects, to say it clearly they do macro level management as they’re managing different and multiple projects at a time; but it is the resources who manage, organize and work on their tasks by selecting the task priority considering the value, importance & task types.

Last week, we have talked about how you can define the task priorities. This week we’ll be talking about categorizing your tasks which can help you organize your tasks better, define a lifecycle of a task & maximize your productivity.

The task types are used to indicate contexts or categorize your tasks, which enables quick identification of the important ones from your “To-Do” list.

Task Type, Project Management Blog

If you’re a developer, then you must have been assigned tasks for developing new features or Theme Customization. You can categorize tasks as “Feature Development”, “Theme Customization” etc. Sometime the customer may ask you to change the design or content, you can easily segregate all such tasks by creating a task type “change request” to highlight that it has been changed as per the customer’s request.

Task Type 1, Project Management Blog

The QA team similarly can create a task type as “Bug” and assign back the task to developer to fix it.

Task Type 2, Project Management Blog

So at the end, anyone can check on the progress of tasks and the assignee and time spent on completing them.

Task Type Bug, Project Management Blog

As I mentioned in my Learning Series #1, if the “Bug” task types are more than “Development”, then that indicates a problem with the development team. Either your development team is overloaded or short-skilled for the required development.

Task Type 3, Project Management Blog

Subsequently that takes down the productivity of the team & increases the cost & time of the project as well.

Task Type 4, Project Management Blog

Once you define the task type during task creation or from the “Settings”, the type will be visible to all users in the project for their respective use.

Hours Spent, Project Management Blog

Create your First Task Type

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Over to you

In complex and big projects, it is very tough to manage tasks when you or a resource working on multiple projects. But with the help of task types at least you can create & manage your to-do list with clarity & ease. Also your tracking of task status is made easy!

Hope this article provided you with a renewed perspective on the use of Task Types! Trust you may have an even better one, care to share?


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