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Get Over Spreadsheets To Manage Your Projects!

Get Over Spreadsheets To Manage Your Projects V2, Project Management Blog
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Trying to manage any task in a new project, many of us go for the good old spreadsheet. Sure it’s a great tool for many things, but task management is not suited for it, particularly when you need to keep that spreadsheet updated across team(s) —especially in large complex projects.


Task Management:

How you go about managing your project successfully? You want to see how people and resources are working, what’s moving in the process. What’s done, not done and what next?

Spreadsheets can only, to some extent flash updated data and can never detail you on end-to end project activities over time and required analytics.

Whereas Orangescrum provides an interactive dashboard that gives you real time project status w.r.t

  • tasks, task types, task statuses
  • to-do-lists
  • high level project progress, resource utilization
  • quick activity summary of the project

Task List, Project Management Blog

Project planning and management via spreadsheets is time-consuming, unreliable and ineffective and creates silos. It still falls way short of a dedicated cloud-based task management and collaboration system.

It’s easy planning and executing in Orangescrum

What basically a Project Manager needs? Eagle’s Eye view of the project. Kanban Board empowers you to see what is done, what is being done and to be done view enhancing productivity and greater project control.

Dashboardv1, Project Management Blog

Collaboration :

Relying on spreadsheets for project management eliminates any chances of effective collaboration on project information. Spreadsheets don’t give teams commenting features and audit trails that are essential to track how information and processes change over time.

Dashboardv2, Project Management Blog

This can become a big problem, especially when some industries require you to log this information for compliance reasons.

Orangescrum provides a collaborative platform for real-time brain storming, updates and resolution of complex project issues. This keeps your team engaged, motivated and infuses the much required transparency during execution.

Task Auto notifications keeps you aligned with real time progress.This also leads to driving meaningful status review meetings and update tasks as you go. You can easily do this on a cloud platform, but not using a spreadsheet.

Additionally you can attach all your documents and associated files to a task in for quick reference and easy tracking.


The Resource Management and Time Tracking are two important features that allow you to map resources and tasks along with their time spent on the task for accurate time management and transparent invoicing to your customers.

And the soft benefit – YOU are always in control of the project budget.


Something that’s highlighted time and again is that spreadsheets and emails are time consuming, inefficient, and, therefore not sustainable as a process – people know they need to change; they’re just not sure how to go about it.

Our flagship product Orangescrum can cater to businesses/projects at every stage of project planning right through to completion. 

It’s simple. It’s interactive. It’s robust.

Work easy, work fast; Deliver more with Orangescrum, No limitations!

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