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Orangescrum Getting Started

Orangescrum Getting started
What Orangescrum is and why you’d want to use it?

A Orangescrum project is a workspace where you collaborate with your team and collect your discussions, to-dos, documents and files all in one place.

There are features that help you to create projects and manage team members.  Here I try to explain step-by-step how to get Orangescrum started.

Steps to create a new project

  • Login as Admin using your email id and password
  • Under the ‘Projects’ menu, select ‘Add New’
  • Enter project details in the popup
  • Enter ‘Project Name’ and ‘Short Name’
  • Entry to ‘Add Users’ is optional, you can enter Email ID of the persons you want to add
  • You can set the ‘Default Assign To’, who is responsible for all the tasks of that project
  • From the ‘Template’ option, select a template suitable for the project and hit ‘Create’

Send Invitation to User

  • Go to the ‘Users’ menu and click ‘Invite’
  • Enter Email ID(s) of your Team members and you may select a project to add them to that project

Project Template


Add Users to your Project

  • Under the ‘Projects’ menu select ‘Manage’, then click ‘Add user’ opposite to the desired project followed by selecting user name from the list

Remove member from your Project

    • Under the ‘Projects’ menu select ‘Manage’, then click the project followed by unchecking the member from the list




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