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Orangescrum: Release Announcements for November 2014

Rangescrum Release Announcements For November 2014, Project Management Blog
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As I discussed many times that we strive to improve Orangescrum, and believe me it was never slowed down. We’ve cut down the prices heavily on the eve of Thanksgiving and Christmas. There are six new releases that would increase the usability of Orangescrum to a greater extent.

1. Invite User Changes

We simplified the process of ‘Inviting users’. The invited new user does not need to check his/her email to click on the invitation link for creating account in Orangescrum.

2. Desktop Notification

The “Google Chrome Desktop Notification” is now only “Desktop Notification”. You can get the desktop notification in all the latest browsers.

3. Create and Reply Task rearrangement

The form fields of Create and Reply tasks are rearranged. Now you don’t have to scroll down, find the fields and fill them. Everything will be in front of your eyes.

4. Allow only attachments on Reply

Now you can post a reply with attachments without any text. If you are attaching something, you don’t have to type a text and post it.

5. New Dashboard

Now you can manage projects in the Dashboard itself. We have added a lots of components and brought few changes that’ll help you to keep track of your Projects using the new dashboard.

6. Task Type Changes

Managing the Custom Task type is going to be a piece of cake now. You can see what are the default task types and which task types you added to the system in separate sections. You can remove the custom task types you added regardless there is no tasks associated with that Task type. But you can always change the name of a Task type.

Orangescrum November Release1, Project Management Blog

We’re in the process of releasing another fresh look of Orangescrum over the next few weeks, I bet that is going to take the usability of Orangescrum to the next level.

Orangescrum is growing fast, your feedback is incredibly important to us. Please let us know how you like these new features. Sign up Free Now

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