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How Marketing Agencies Can Benefit from Orangescrum?(Updated)

How Marketing Agencies Can Benefit From Orangescrum, Project Management Blog
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Orangescrum is one of the best Project Collaboration tool with in-built Time Tracking and Invoice Control. It’s a perfect web application for small to mid-sized businesses and agencies. Say “goodbye” to emails and manage your workflow using Orangescrum. It has everything you need to make your marketing team more productive.


Importance of Project Management Tool for Marketing Team

In the changing digital marketing scenario a new digital marketing channel pops up every few days. Keeping up with the changing market trends as well as maintaining marketing efficiency is a tedious job.

When you focus on results such as conversion rates and branding the marketing team can struggle with team inefficiency. Today creative teams want to ditch the age-old rigid processes and are in a dire need of a collaborative platform. Orangescrum can provide marketing teams the space needed to share innovative work and think outside the box.

A cloud-based project management app with time tracking for digital marketing and creative teams can take the mess out of marketing collaboration and planning. Get all the transparency on your Projects, Campaigns, Workflows, milestones, Tasks, Discussions, and Deadlines.

Orangescrum is a powerful collaboration tool that can significantly increase productivity.

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How Orangescrum Features Can Benefit The Marketing Agencies?

  • Visually track progress using the Kanban view – who’s doing what, what’s been accomplished, and what needs to be done next
  • Delegating tasks is simple to the core
  • Automate similar projects without wasting any time.
  • All your social media and content strategy collaboration in one place
  • Budget time for each task with resource planning and team member reminders to send daily updates using daily catch-up to the team chief
  • Google Drive & DropBox integration with live file sharing with team members
  • Deep dive into your project data with our various analytical methods

You are into the marketing team. You have tried all the important steps to get the desired outcome. If these are working then it’s good but if these are not working then there might be something wrong with your strategy and planning. So you need to follow the simple steps to make your marketing team more efficient.

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How Orangescrum Increases Marketing Team Productivity?

  • Seamless work coordination.
  • Effective internal communication among team members leads to saved time and resources.
  • Make marketing plans more effective.
  • Improved team engagement.
  • Minimizes team conflicts.
  • Orangescrum features timely completion and delivery of projects.
  • Improves both team and individual task accountability.
  • Keeps everyone in the loop on the latest advancement in project development.

Marketing is the base of every business strength. By analyzing the marketing process of any business, it would be easy to figure out the business’s capabilities and challenges.

Are you looking for an effective marketing planning process? Try Orangescrum

Top Project Collaboration Features Essential for Marketing Team Collaboration

1. Group communication:

Orangescrum facilitates team members, marketing managers, and product owners to communicate and exchange information on tasks created. Orangescrum features a ‘comment’ field for team members and stakeholders to communicate on a specific task or project using ‘@mention’.

Marketing managers can exchange marketing information, share files, as well as restrict access to specific team members from a single page.

Steps to communicate using ‘comment’ field in ‘Tasks’

  1. Go to Orangescrum Manu side bar
  2. Click on the Project name to collaborate
  3. Navigate to the specific Task ? Click on the task
  4. Exchange ideas and files using the Comment field

Streamline your team group communication now with Orangescrum.

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2. Document sharing:

Marketing team members can share documents, images, on cloud storage applications such as DropBox, and Google Drive.

Steps to share documents in ‘Tasks

  1. Go to Orangescrum Menu sidebar
  2. Click on the Project name to collaborate
  3. Navigate to the specific Task ? Click on the task
  4. Share files and documents on DropBox or Google Drive.

Step to view uploaded files

  1. Navigate to Orangescrum Dashboard ? go to More ? Click Files

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3. Task management:

On Orangescrum, task creation is loaded with features to enable team members to streamline task tracking across multiple criteria. Each task is created under a specific project, can have multiple sub-tasks, set priority, attach files & documents, set a start-data and end-date, and much more.

Steps to Create a Task

  1. Navigate to Tasks in the Orangescrum Menu sidebar
  2. Click on ‘+’ or Create Task
  3. From the ‘Project’ drop-down menu select a project
  4. Give a Task Title
  5. Select ‘Assign To’
  6. Give a task priority – ‘Low,’ ‘Medium,’ ‘High’
  7. Select a Task Group
  8. Write a task description
  9. Upload files and documents in the attachments field
  10. Enter ‘Start Date’ and ‘Due Date’ and estimated hours
  11. Maintain a time log by entering start-time and end-time along with x`break time and spent hours.
  12. Create checklist for your marketing plans
  13. Next select all the users you want to give access to.

Don’t have any idea about the progress of your project? Try Orangescrum

4. Time tracking:

Maintain time logs to determine how much time a task takes to complete which thereby enables teams to strategize future tasks.

  1. Navigate to Orangescrum Menu side bar
  2. Hover-over Time Log ? Click on Time Log List View
  3. Click on Start Your Timer ? Select the Project ? Select Task
  4. Next click on Start Timer

Don’t know which resource is spending how many hours on which task? Track time with Orangescrum

5. Calendar for content-publishing schedules:

Set up content calendar schedules to streamline your campaigns.

  1. Navigate to Orangescrum Menu sidebar
  2. Click on Tasks ? Go to upper menu section ? Click on Calendar
  3. Select Date and schedule task

Are you looking for a content scheduling calendar? Try Orangescrum

6. Tool Integration:

With Orangescrum you can integrate multiple third-party tools such as Slack, Google Drive, DropBox and Zapier to create a seamless work-environment experience.

7. Reporting and analytics:

View various marketing task metrics from the Orangescrum dashboard to plan and strategize your marketing campaigns.

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Marketing teams can benefit from collaboration tools that enable them to share and develop marketing campaigns and strategies with their peers.

Orangescrum is an all-in-one project collaboration tool designed for marketing agencies to strategize their workflows and achieve their marketing goals effectively.

It allows the marketing team to break down their work into manageable tasks and assign them to team members. It helps the team to stay organized and on track, reducing the risk of missed deadlines and lost opportunities. It’s a platform for collaboration and communication within the marketing team and sharing files, exchanging feedback, and discussing ideas, all in one central location.

Its time-tracking feature tracks the time spent on various tasks and projects and identifies areas where productivity can be improved and ensures that team members are working efficiently.

The project management software provides detailed reports and analytics on team performance and project progress. This helps the marketing team to identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions about how to optimize their productivity.

Overall, Orangescrum can help maximize marketing team productivity by providing a centralized platform for collaboration, task management, time tracking, resource allocation, and reporting. So try Orangescrum now with 15 days free trial with all feature access and invite your team.

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