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Meet the New Orangescrum Dashboard

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The old dashboard was quite okay, but we never realized the fact until one of our customer asked us the question “How can I manage my Projects on the Dashboard itself?”

Then we started working on …to build a more productive Dashboard. After some research…and after few technical hiccups we finally managed to create the same.

We are pleased to announce that we have released the new Dashboard which can provide a snapshot view of your key project data.

The new Orangescrum Dashboard offers interactive reports with quick and easy data analysis / visualization.

Orangescrum Dashboard, Project Management Blog

With the new dashboard, you can:

  • Explore the power of Orangescrum by viewing the “How to Collaborate” video, “How to Customize Task” and “How to use on the Go”.
  • Get a quick view on the status of your Project with the Status bar
  • On the right side, you can Invite new User to your company, Create a new Project and Create Milestone under a Project.
  • Get a sneak peek view of the recent activity on the activity stream on Dashboard.
  • On the boxes you can see your Overdue and Upcoming Tasks, Summary of your account and Chat on Task Types.
  • You can drag-n-drop the boxes to sort them in the Order you want to see on the Dashboard.
  • The “% Completed” box helps you to track the Progress of your Projects.

However, this is not the best, it can be even better..we need your invaluable feedback. We appreciate your time to write us some feedback on this new dashboard and help us to make it yet more powerful and productive. Try Orangescrum Now

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