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Only Project Management Suite that is completely Free!

An aspiring entrepreneur, a corporate honcho, or the quintessential sales guy – each one is tasked and measured with the same goal – Generate revenue!

Traditional management strategy is no more supportive of today’s demands for accuracy, speed, and cohesive growth. Digital agencies, Startups, SMBs, or freelancers all have to survive and perform within the stipulated budget.

Not all are well funded and most are bootstrapped just like us.

Irrespective of our industry, our Customers always have the same expectations – Be More, Do More, and Provide More.

But (yes the omnipresent BUT of our lives) at a lesser cost, lesser hassles, lesser time, lesser accountability, and lesser burden.

Thus, in our effort to make the lives of our global “digizens” productive, meaningful and efficient we offer you Your Personal Digital Assistant FREE!

Get Orangescrum FREE

Orangescrum Community Edition is crafted for those aspiring entrepreneurs with innovative vision but with zero or very low fund-allocation for any Project Management tool.

We offer it FREE so that you can fund your dream, your innovation, and your passion!

Irrespective of the business, the tricks of the trade remain the same – Low CAPEX, Low OPEX, High Revenue, and High Profits!

Eh… what about Losses – Ohhh… that is for our competitors.

We cannot achieve these unless we champion “OUROptimum Utilization of Resources”. Resources are and can be anything from your people, process, technology, tools, office space, your water cooler, and coffee machine.

The brilliance lies in ensuring zero to minuscule waste and near 100% efficiency.

Hell Yeah!! Tell me something new!

But how do we get there, what do we do, who will/can do it… and these questions never end.

I mean, after all we only ask for the simplest of things to realize our dreams, fuel our passion and make a living…

  • Make life @ work fun
  • Take control of our own business
  • Enable ourselves and our customers with effective decision making
  • Provide our team with absolute visibility and control of our operations
  • Keep your Team(s) motivated & productive
  • Manage our projects, clients, contractors, and teams in one place
  • Ensure & improve collaboration and communication between our teams no matter how geographically dispersed!
  • Ensure our teams are in sync and well aligned with our business objectives
  • Track our businesses, and their progress along with our teams’ in real time
  • Share ideas (content, documents, design), ideate, and brain storm easily
  • Provide transparency and operational speed to our team from administrative and executive delays
  • Save ourselves the hassle of juggling between tools and services needlessly even after paying handsomely for some of them

And maybe a few other things….

Is it really too much?

Absolutely not and while we still hunt for an answer that soothes you why not trust Orangescrum to manage your day-to-day business, team, communication, and collaboration pretty soon you will have enough time to manage your personal chores too!

Orangescrum, with its 30,000+loyal community users, provides Free professional assistance enabling –

  • 100% software and data  privacy & ownership
  • Simplified Project management
  • Create & Manage Unlimited projects, users, and tasks
  • Robust task planning, monitoring, and control
  • Quick file sharing – Dropbox & Google drive
  • Collaborate endlessly….

We want to make sure you grow with us. Not surprisingly, 30k and counting (ever increasing) downloads till date.

Just so you know, we are ranked in the

Lastly, When you grow, your activities multiply, your Team grows and so does your business.You can’t visualize or track all activities like before. You need powerful tools to help manage things.

Make Orangescrum your trusted ally for your progress.

Need Premium tools to match your new, complex requirements.

We have just the right Features for you.

Unlimited Ideas, Unlimited Passion, Unlimited Success with Unlimited Orangescrum!

Do you want to realize the above benefits? Explore Orangescrum.


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