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June Release: What’s New in Orangescrum

June Release v3
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Orangescrum Community Add-ons 

Time Log timelog

Manage your time accurately! Interestingly, you spend more time to track time. But with a smartly integrated & inbuilt timer you can easily track time while you and your team members do exactly what they are supposed to do – focus on actual work.

This feature facilitates you to log actual time spent for each task accomplished by each user and there by tracking time spent for the project.

Gantt Chart

Recently we have added this add-on to our marketplace.


Orangescrum Gantt Chart has some very desired and helpful functionality –

  • Highly interactive graphical view of multiple tasks, their dependencies and timelines on a single platform.
  • Easy to manage start and end date of task(s)
  • Provides “Critical Path” of the project.
  • Milestones and associated tasks mapping.
  • Resources to task mapping

New UI


You’ll get the following features with the New UI add-on:

  • New Look and feel
  • Quick Add option to create Task, Milestone, Project, Add/invite user like cloud version
  • Status bar in Task List Page
  • User and Project Listing Page with added functionalities for quick actions.
  • User Listing page like Cloud version
  • User Profile default icon changed to User’s first character

Check out the Time Log, Gantt Chart& New UI add-on Demo here.

Invoice invoice

You can easily track billable vs non-billable work and auto invoice it to your customers.

This makes invoicing accurate and transparent leading to greater customer confidence.

Task Status Group task-status-gp

Task Status Group lets you define your project workflow tailor-made for your project needs. You can

  • Define multiple Task Statuses (workflow)for your tasks and group them by their Status.
  • Assign weightage for each Status Group
  • Find information easily at one place
  • Manage projects and keep everyone on the team (Project Managers, Analysts, Consultants, Designers, Developers, QA, HR, Finance, Sales, Marketing) well informed and aligned to achieve a common goal, effortlessly

Check out the Invoice & Task Status Group  Demo here.

In-App Chat chat

It’s a real-time chat widget built for the Orangescrum Community Version. It offers fully secure, single or multi-user chat with private messaging, chat invitations and more. It is coming soon to our marketplace. You can pre-order now!

Explore our marketplace now for an enriching Orangescrum experience!

We are also launching new Combo-packs of the Add-ons with

  • Easy Installation
  • Price Discount
  • Excellent support from the Orangescrum team.

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Our iOS & Android app is coming Soon!ios-&android-app-coming-soon-v3


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