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July Update: What’s New in Orangescrum

July Updates V3, Project Management Blog
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Hi there! Hope you’re having a great summer. It’s time for our July update!

This month, there are a couple of introductions to make some news to share. Grab a cool beverage, pull up a comfy chair, and let’s get into it!

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Time log Chart View released:

We are delighted to announce the Time log Chart View in July – yet another new feature in Orangescrum. This helps the Project Managers, team members, Stakeholders to view the time spent by the project teams in a monthly as well as daily view.Chart View 3, Project Management Blog

Never get confused with complex analytical data! – Better assess resource capabilities & save time while using Orangescrum.

Orangescrum Installation Simplified:

Overwhelmed by the request of our 25k+ loyal users; we now bring a hassle free and self-explanatory installation option.  Anyone can now setup Orangescrum without any tech-support by following the simple steps.

Orangescrum now on DOCKER!

Image1, Project Management Blog

Docker containers wrap a piece of software in a complete file system that contains everything needed to run: code, run-time, system tools, and system libraries – anything that can be installed on a server. This guarantees that the software will always run the same, regardless of its environment.

First you need to download the “Docker Toolbox” & execute the dockertoolbox.exe file. After you have installed the Docker Toolbox, click on the Kitematic icon to start the Docker VM. It will connect you to Docker Hub. Then follow the link and install Orangescrum in your environment. Sign up & create your project & tasks.

Orange Chat (In-App Chat) on its way:

Teams always perform better when communication is made easy and seamless. Orange Chat (In-App Chat) is yet another endeavor. We are working on this tool to make your project collaboration real fun. The pre-view is released.

In APP Chat, Project Management Blog

In-App Chat allows real time collaboration by providing

  • Real-time availability of users
  • Simple & highly interactive UI
  • Private & Group chat with your team(s) and lot more

Orange Chat Add-on is here to enable quick decision making via meaningful discussions on the go!

eBook – Most Common Project Management Mistakes

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Also Released:

Added Estimated hours in the resource utilization page.

  • Owner/Admin can easily compare the actual hours spent with the estimated hours.

Added the success story of our valuable customers to Orangescrum.

Here you can find the details:

Are you using Orangescrum for managing your team(s)?

If you have any issues, discuss with us. If you want something more let’s talk.

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