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How to Measure your Performance and Increase Productivity

Performance And Productivity, Project Management Blog
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Business is successful when delivered on time. Skillful time and resource management are critical success factors to sustain and excel in this ever competitive age. It is always a race between Time and Productivity.

Let us review various aspects within Orangescrum that are our true partners in effective time management and boosting productivity.

Tracking Your Time

It is very important for you to complete the project/task assigned to you on time to add value to your business or the company you’re working. Time tracking doesn’t exactly find a place in the “To-Do” list of our team members. But question is how you can track your time with tasks?

It’s easy with Orangescrum. Activate the Timer from the Quick Links, select the project & task; the rest is taken care of by Orangescrum. You can pause and the break time gets calculated automatically to ensure your time spent is recorded accurately.

Timer, Project Management Blog

Sometimes you may forget to start the timer. Again we have the solution for you. One click and you can log your time entries for a particular task or project by using the Time Entry option.

Avoid Repetitive work

It’s natural to have tasks you need to work repetitively. Be smart. Be Productive.

With Orangescrum, you don’t need to be as repetitive as your competitor is. You can leverage intelligent Orangescrum options

  • Recurring tasks
  • Task & Project templates

My personal favorite is the Task template feature especially when assigning to others.

Measure Performance:

Time Spent on Tasks

Now you have logged time for the day. To measure your performance or productivity, you can go to your Time Log page and check the calendar view, on which day how much time you have spent on which task.

Time Log Pie Chart View, Project Management Blog

I would also recommend you to view the pie-chart view. It’s an absolute eye-opener.

Hours Spent on Task Types

It’s important. You will get an idea on which type of tasks like development, bug fixing, unit testing etc. you’re spending your time.  It also gives you clarity on what type of tasks constitute the majority of your project and teams’ work.

Hours Spent, Project Management Blog

Estimated time vs Actual Time

I am highly competitive by nature. I frequently compare my own estimated time for a task/project to the actual time I spent on the task/project. This is real fun & encourages me to finish tasks on/before time.

Burndown Chart, Project Management Blog

You can view the Burn-down chart in the Hours Spent page & Resource Utilization page both in the Analytics section.

Task Statistics

You need to analyze at the end of the day how many tasks were created, average tasks closed & resolved & total time spent on these tasks.

Task Statistics, Project Management Blog

This report will help you measure whether you and your team are on the right track to finish the project on time or need a timely course correction.

Weekly Usage

This shows your company’s performance (All Your Projects) for the week, how many tasks were created, resolved, closed, time and resources spent on these tasks, file storage consumed & more.  

Weekly USage, Project Management Blog

More importantly it is an interactive comparison of how you fared from week to week.

Haven’t checked it yet? Don’t miss out on this vital performance analytics anymore!

Explore the intelligence of Orangescrum while I go back to competing with myself and be productive than ever before!

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