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5 Ways ICT Improves Project Management in the New Normal

5 Ways ICT Improves Project Management In The New Normal, Project Management Blog
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The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly changed the way we do business. Nowadays companies need to leverage ICT (information and communications technology) to boost digital transformation and enable remote teams to maintain productivity and output.

In the new normal, companies will need to embrace the remote work business model or struggle to survive during uncertain times. After all, there is no telling when you will have to close your office space and send your employees home again.

When that happens (if it hasn’t already), you need to be ready and equipped with the right tech to ensure seamless collaboration and communication between teams.

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ICT systems and applications will be essential in achieving this, particularly if you want to ensure the success of your projects. Combining the best project management practices with ICT is the winning combination in the new normal, so here are the five ways ICT improves project management for your business.


Elevating collaboration and remote team productivity

One of the first things to start going down the moment you adopt the remote work model is productivity.

Without a reliable project management tool at your site along with the right communication platform, you can’t expect to maintain the same level of productivity.

But of course, your goal is not to maintain productivity; it’s to maximize it as much as possible to thrive in the new normal.

Achieving this requires the implementation of technology and to focus on digital transformation in your company.

Even though 77% of remote employees say they’re more productive when working from home, you can’t expect productivity to rise without the right tools.

A comprehensive project management tool allows your teams to manage projects and tasks seamlessly, and the best solutions on the market bring various important features that help improve productivity.

Typically, you will want your PM tool to provide you with resource management and planning, time tracking, project visualization, project timelines, reporting and analytics, and a built-in chat platform.

Better time management for better outcomes

Time management is one of the most important elements of successful remote work. Of course, you should strive for better time management regardless if your employees are on-site or working remotely.

However, when it comes to remote work, time management can be crucial for achieving project goals, completing tasks quickly, and improving productivity in the digital workplace.

If you’re not tracking the time it takes to complete tasks remotely, you can also run into payroll issues as you will have a difficult time gauging true employee performance.

What’s more, better time management will lead to a better work-life balance for your remote employees, which is a great way to build and retain a happy workforce.

While there are many ways to improve time management manually, it’s important to note that time tracking technology is vital.

Be sure to use the built-in time tracking feature in your PM software to better manage workflow, set realistic deadlines, and balance the workload for your employees to keep them happy and productive throughout the day.

Boosting communication for remote and mobile employees

ICT truly shines in the implementation of communication technology in the workplace. Whether you’re managing remote or in-house teams, integrating communication technology is paramount to long-term business success.

Your goal should be to unify all communication in your business through one comprehensive platform like VoIP in order to make communication and collaboration seamless and effective.

VoIP is a cloud-based phone system for businesses of all sizes that allows you to make calls over the internet.

However, where this technology truly shines and what the top VoIP providers are known for are the digital features that enable digital teams to thrive.

Your VoIP plan should include various features such as a mobile app for employees on the go, call analytics and reporting tools, video and audio conferencing, auto-attendants and forwarding, and much more.

These features complemented with the provider’s security systems will create a unified communications system that will allow you to improve productivity and efficiency drastically.

What’s more, VoIP integration is a vital part of cost reduction and long-term financial savings.

Reducing extraneous expenses

While your goal might be to maximize profit, it’s important to remember that minimizing expenses is also an important piece of the puzzle.

It should come as no surprise that digital transformation can help you achieve both and that ICT implementation can help you facilitate long-term financial savings.

For example, a comprehensive project management tool can replace numerous other tools in your company while elevating efficiency and output.

On the other hand, VoIP enables low-cost phone calls over the internet and integrates various features for the price of a single plan, barring the need for any additional tools and tech.

Over the long term, ICT solutions allow you to save money and reallocate financial resources towards business growth and employee success.

Improving data security across the board

Information security is another crucial element of a thriving remote workforce or any successful modern business for that matter.

When you take into consideration that ransomware attacks are expected to cost $6 trillion annually by 2021, you can start to appreciate the importance of protecting all sensitive business data.

This is why it’s important to introduce lading ICT solutions that focus on cyber security, and also to educate your employees on data security through workshops and training.

Needless to say, information security is imperative in project management, especially in remote teams because sensitive information is flowing between teams stationed in different locations.

To make sure your remote employees are safe, and that all information is secured, you need a stringent information security policy.

Be sure to back up all business data regularly, enable two-factor authentication for all accounts and devices, and check if you’re PM and VoIP tools use end-to-end data encryption.

Wrapping up

Information and communication technology is an essential part of business success in the new normal. Now that remote work has become the norm, you need to implement ICT into your operation to elevate productivity and efficiency.

That said, it’s also important to remember that ICT ultimately leads to happier customers and happier employees, which are two crucial elements of business growth and sustainability.

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