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How to Install Orangescrum Open Source on CentOS

Automated Installation For OrangeScrum Open Source On CentOS, Project Management Blog
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Not a tech wizard?? No problem! Orangescrum further simplifies its installation with automation for you.

With over 120,000+ downloads it is imperative that setting up your favorite Project Management and Collaboration tool must be as easy as slicing a cake!

And to that effect we bring to you automated installation for Orangescrum – few clicks and a few minutes is all it takes to be aboard on a platform that keeps your teams organized and connected.

The idea is always to make our customers as productive and efficient as possible.

Finally, without any further ado, let us review the steps to hit the ground running with the most preferred productivity and business management software there is.


Installation Instruction for Orangescrum Open Source Edition on CentOS 6.6 to 7.x

*Note: This script will not work on shared hosting; only works for CentOS on a dedicated server.



  • RAM: minimum 2 GB
  • Processor: Core2duo or Higher
  • OS: Mac
  • Disk Space: 10 GB or Higher

OS and Other required Parameters:

  • A Fresh CentOS 7 server
  • Internet Connection
  • Email ID
  • Password
  • Email SMTP Mail Server Hostname / Private Mail Server Hostname
  • SMTP Port

*Note: If Gmail ID used to make sure to enable the “less secure app” function. You can do this by logging into the Gmail account and go to “My Accounts” then click on “Sign-in & Security” and then  enable the “Allow less secure apps: ON”.

*Note: Make sure to whitelist the application server domain/IP address from the private Mail Server.

*Note: Orangescrum works on MySQL 5.6, Apache 2.4 and PHP 5.6

What does the installation package help with?

  • In order to install the necessary packages and dependencies to support the application
  • Installs and configures Apache Web Server
  • Installs MySQL Server, creates a database and configures a user for database or create a database in an existing MySQL setup and configures user
  • Setup CRON jobs
  • Configures email settings

Steps to install Orangescrum:

*You can use “WinSCP” of “Filezilla” to upload the package to your Server

  • Login to “root” or run “sudo su -”
  • Extract the compressed file:
# tar xzf os-community-edition.tar.gz
  • Change the directory to “orangescrum-master”:
cd orangescrum-master/
  • Run the file:
[root@localhost orangescrum-master]# ./
  • It will install all the required packages and dependencies and will ask for email ID, Password, SMTP mail server address, and SMTP port, Domain name or IP address for the Host.
Please enter your email id
Please enter your Domain Name or IP
Please enter your email password
Please enter your SMTP Host
Please enter your SMTP port
OrangeScrum Community Edition Installation Completed Successfully.
Open your browser and access the application using the domain/IP address:

Note: This package can’t be installed in shared hosting. Follow these steps to install the package manually on CentOS.

It is really up to you now!

Get going with the above steps and unleash the power of being in control of your projects and your day!



The Orangescrum community edition is now installed and running on your server. Now you can login and start managing your projects.

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