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Use Orangescrum As An Applicant Tracking System

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Hiring is an integral part of any organization’s Human Resources (HR) team and millions of dollars are spent by these organizations on setting up their HR department, processes and tool sets.

Every time a company outgrows itself they look out for a new process or a new tool. And we all know what this entails; yet the cycle goes on…

It is crucial that the hiring process must be highly granular, informative and the right decision enabler. Common practices today are tedious, time-consuming and often fail to provide a time-bound collaborative approach.

What we would like is a controlled yet quick and easy workflow that keeps our processes intact while making it a very inter-active and transparent affair.

Let’s see how a typical Hiring workflow would begin, progress and end with utmost ease and collaboration.

A solution (tool) I envision should help me –

Initiate Hiring Process

Create multiple departments within my company where each of these functions is at the top of their pyramid. Let us call these as “Projects”.

Identify Applicants

Define multiple job-roles within each of these departments or functional areas as “Task Groups” their statuses can also be further combined as “Task Status Groups“. Let us then define the corresponding vacancies i.e. applicants for these job-roles as “Tasks”.

I would now begin active pursuit of the identified applicants or “Tasks” as I can assign these Tasks to members involved in filling their relevant vacancies (Hiring manager, associate, team lead, project manager etc.) E.G. the first step would be to assign the resume to the technical team for screening and skill fit-gap assessment.

Task Status Group 3v3 1, Project Management Blog

Skill Fit-Gap Analysis

Upon successful assessment, the tech team can assign it back to the HR marking the progress of the task, providing feedback and comments so that the HR can perform the next step. Say – a telephonic interview and updates the task with the findings, next interview date (on/off campus) and progresses the task to the next member (Technical Manager, Project Lead etc.) to conduct the next round of discussions.

Detail Discussion

Interviewer can now update the task with his feedback on the applicant and yet again pass the task for further rounds. E.g. client would like to interview the applicant or say move it back to HR for further talks.

Task Status Group 3v4 1, Project Management Blog

Making an Offer

Once we and the applicant are in agreement, depending on our companies’ policies we can assign this task for background verification or readying and offer letter and proceed to the successive step.

Approvals and Sign-off

In this step I would like the Hiring Manager to conduct the final review of the payment terms, perks, bonuses, joining date etc and approve for releasing the offer to the applicant.

Successful Hire and On-boarding

Applicant accepts the offer and joins on the agreed date and completes all on-boarding formalities.

Task Status Group 3v1 1, Project Management Blog

I want this solution to be seamless and close knit with an inbuilt automated notification system, comment history, activity details, and status progress all under one single view.

Task Status Group 3v02 1, Project Management Blog

  • Get complete view of your clients, contacts, candidates and their activities with total transparency.
  • Time and effort saving from multiple email exchanges, reminders and follow-ups.
  • Reduces red-tape and administrative overheads.
  • Improves the hiring efficiency of the business and reduces the hiring cycle.
  • Online or On-premise solution depending on the size of my company for quick and easy access anytime, any device, anywhere.

Do you want to realize above benefits? Explore our Task Status Group


Industry agnostic Orangescrum is suitable for multiple scenarios from being your own Personal Assistant to help with your daily chores, an Application Tracking System, Bug Tracking Tool etc.

Let me know how you are/would like to use Orangescrum. Put your creative hat on and spread your charm.

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