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Automotive, Industrial & Chemical Automation & Measurement firm streamlines operations with Orangescrum!

Automotive Industrial Chemical Automation Measurement, Project Management Blog
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Christian Pohl, a highly engaged Orangescrum’er turns a guest blogger for us to here his company’s experience before and after Orangescrum.

Orangescrum is an industry agnostic collaboration platform and this case study of HPF GmbH is a testimony to that. HPF GmbH chose Orangescrum for its lean operation management and collaboration with its customers across Europe and the globe.

HPF GmbH specializes in hardware and software for process automation in the chemical, industrial, communication and automotive industries. It’s SPIDER network “Simplified Platform Independent Data Exchange Relay network”.

With SPIDER NET you finally have a communication platform where the individual modules interchange data through a uniform high-performance language to synchronize their temporal task completion.

Similarly its Process I/O hardware DAQ100 ³ is the all-in-one solution for the conception and output of process data for an automation solution in hard real time. The product offers the possibility to capture 100 channels with 100 Hz maximum sampling rate at 100% configurability.


HPF GmbH Mission & Vision

HPF GmbH help enterprises with a highly flexible and easy communication platform and comfortable fieldbus interfaces via TCP/IP for their automation projects.

Our Delivery & Operations Management Challenges

Given the fact that HPF GmbH deals in a highly specialized field managing hi-tech projects and maintaining transparency with their customers was their prime challenge.

And running multiple clients with multiple projects of each of these clients was an uphill task from the word go.

Automotive Industrial Chemical Automation Measuremen 3, Project Management Blog

We suffered a lot from the issue of precise time tracking and issue tracking. Some of these information continuously got lost putting us in a tight spot.

As we grew, the number of projects increased, as well as the requirements for distributed development.

Our old systems weren’t capable of catching up with our business growth.

We were continuously battling to:

  • Capture accurate time tracking information
  • Manage our development complexities
  • Keep our developers, accountants and managers in sync
  • Track issues for timely resolution and delivery
  • Easily access and use relevant information

“Having one central system which ties together all project related information allowed us to get rid of distributed spreadsheets, time logs and customer reports. Thanks to the available plugins we could get almost all in one.”

Benefits from Orangescrum Adoption

Within a day we got all the plugins reviewed and installed to be ready to use Orangescrum. Once, Orangescrum was up and running, there were instant visible benefits. We were happy to have been relieved of manual work and excel sheets.

It actually helped us to make the project development process transparent to everyone involved. More so for our customers, as they didn’t  have to rely on us every time they just want to see the status or check some specific items.

On the other side we benefit from having all project hours tracked in a single system, ready for getting billed.

Automotive Industrial Chemical Automation Measuremen 4, Project Management Blog

Before Orangescrum we had a pretty unorganized project management, depending on the specific customer requirements. This worked well enough for our early times where we had only a very low number of concurrent and comparable small projects. Now, with Orangescrum, we have ONE tool which has all relevant information in one place including accounting information. That helps a lot and makes us more responsive for our customers, as well as internally between different parties like developers, accountants and manager.

I definitely recommend OrangeScrum as a collaboration app for collaboration. It is useful for low level management e.g. for agile development process and also provides capabilities for documentation/wiki. It is lightweight, compared to other systems which helps customers to get the important stuff on a frontend without a long learning process. Thank you Team Orangescrum!

Thanks for reading!

As seen here, Orangescrum simplifies business and aids in its growth; no matter the industry.

How do you manage your projects currently?

Are you still stuck with the same challenges as Christian?

Connect with us in the comments section for solutions specific to your problems.





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