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How To Solve The Biggest Project Management Problems With Advantages Of Orangescrum

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For almost any company, project management is necessary for getting and remaining organized. Is cloud based services right for your business?

If you’re still using on premise/community edition of project management software, or looking for a project management tool for the first time, be sure to explore the advantages of a cloud-based project management solution.

Orangescrum can help your business be further productive.

Here are some key points on Orangescrum’s cloud edition:


Accessible Anytime Anywhere:

The first and foremost benefit in cloud based project management software is, it can be accessed at any time (24×7) and from any location, as long as you are connected to internet.


Whatever platform your team uses— Windows, Mac, Linux the only thing the cloud application needs is an internet connection and a web browser. Tasks get done faster when each member of your team can work in the environment they’re most comfortable with.

No Maintenance:

With cloud based project management software, you will not need any new hardware, on site software installations, or extra IT staff for configuring and maintain new software. With Orangescrum, all you will need is an internet connection and the computer that the staffs are already using for their projects.

It’s Affordable: 

Cloud base project management software is cost-friendly with monthly subscription plans. You don’t have to buy expensive servers, pay for storage and implementation costs or to buy expensive licenses.

Better Security:

By utilizing Orangescrum’s cloud-based software you can be confident that your security risks are minimized because we provide top-notch security from AWS. You don’t have to worry about sensitive information being lost.

Try Before Buy:

A big benefit to use Orangescrum cloud edition is that, it offers a free try out for 30 days, so that you can test all the features available and ensure that it really fits your needs. This can also save you a lot of cost and time.

Auto Updates:

In community edition you have to download and install updates whenever a new version is released but in cloud edition it updates automatically. 

There’s no need to pay to upgrade the application or wait for your IT team to have the time available to implement the updates.

Renew/Cancel Anytime:

The subscription-based cloud services give customers an option to renew or cancel monthly or annual subscriptions plan anytime.


You get full support from Orangescrum to troubleshoot or address technical glitches. For a small business without a technical team that means a lot.

Cloud based project management solutions provide a simple and reliable way for succeeding. Now it’s up to you to decide whether you want to join the millions of other businesses who are using the cloud based solutions to manage their projects effectively.

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