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Slack Integration Process with Orangescrum Project Collaboration Tool

How To Setup Slack For Orangescrum 5, Project Management Blog
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Slack brings all the pieces and people you need together so you can actually get things done. It’s the platform which brings all communication together in one place. Slack teams allow communities, groups, or teams to join through a specific URL or invitation sent by a team admin or owner. Slack integration helps real-time messaging, archiving and search for modern teams in your project collaboration tool.

A few simple steps for your Orangescrum integration with Slack


  • Create a new slack team – To begin communicating via Slack you first need to get your team created by doing a quick slack signup.


  • Visit slack at to create your team as a first step towards Slack integration. You will need to perform the slack signup steps.


Createteam, Project Management Blog


  • By default Slack offers you 2 channels – #general and #random. You can create specific channels as per your requirement as shown below –


Slack 11, Project Management Blog


Slack 2, Project Management Blog



Createapp, Project Management Blog


Createnewapp, Project Management Blog


  • After creating the App, Under Basic Information section  you will find your Client ID and Client Secret. Copy them and keep them handy for step – 6 below

Clientidsecret, Project Management Blog



Oauthuri, Project Management Blog


  • Login in to your Orangescrum Cloud account  from (step-6)


  • Go to Slack Connect section from Setting->My Profile->Slack Connect and enter the Client ID and Client Secret key from step 3 here


  • On clicking the SAVE button you will be prompted to select the Channel under which the notifications will be listed and click the AUTHORIZE button.


Selectchannel, Project Management Blog


  • After the setup is completed, Notifications will be shared from Orangescrum to the slack channel when
      1. A project is created, updated
      2. A task is created, assigned, updated (priority, due date) , deleted, archived, and upon status changes
      3. A comment is added with file attachments in both tasks and comments.


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