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Product update: How To Set Custom Reminders In Orangescrum

How To Set Custom Reminders In Orangescrum 1, Project Management Blog
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Hello, Orangescrum’ers! I am back with another update for you. Now add reminders to a task to never miss your deadlines or appointments.

Considering you’re working on different projects, assigned multiple tasks, attending meetings, reviews, sometimes we might miss important deadlines, appointments or follow-ups.

Do you want to be reminded about these deadlines on a specific day and time?

Do you want to set reminders for your team members for critical tasks and events?

Well, you may forget, but Orangescrum will help you keep everything right under your thumb!

Whether it’s the due date of a task, deadline to generate a report or submit a proposal, sending invoices to your customers or invoice payments; just set a reminder and focus on your actual work.

Improve remote collaboration with Orangescrum

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When it’s time, Orangescrum will send you an email notification about the job or task so you can get things done at the right time.


How to set reminders to a task for you and your team?

It’s super easy! Follow the steps below,

  • Create a task with a due date
  • Go to the Task Detail page
  • Scroll down and navigate to Task Reminder
  • Click on Task Reminder or + icon to the right side
  • On the Set Reminder pop-up, define date and time, the users to whom you want to remind about the task, and provide a message
  • Click Save, you’re all set

A few things to note before you use task reminder:

  • Reminder can be set by Owner and Admins
  • You can set multiple reminders for each task
  • Reminders can be added to closed tasks
  • You can delete or edit/update your existing reminders

In addition, we have released another update for you. Now you can see all the new sprints, active sprints and closed sprints in the Sprint Report.

What’s Next?

Very soon, we will be releasing the below features for our cloud edition.

Over to you!

Hope custom reminders will make it easier for you to keep track of all your important events, tasks or meetings.

It’s available for all our cloud plans, Sign in to set your reminder and deliver efficiently and on-time!

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