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Orangescrum is Now Available on AWS Marketplace

Orangescrum is Now Available on AWS Marketplace
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Important Massage to our Open-source, Enterprise & Add-on Users
We discontinued the Add-on Selling from Nov 1, 2021 and the Add-on Support will be discontinued from Feb, 2022. Any user want to use our On-Premise Solution are recommended to migrate into Orangescrum Self-Hosted plan.

Hello Orangescrumer’s we’re pleased to announce Orangescrum community edition is now available on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace bringing the open source project management solution to global AWS customers.

AWS enables scalable, flexible, and cost-effective cloud based infrastructure for global enterprises.

Community users can now find Orangescrum on AWS marketplace to easily install and quickly access Orangescrum for their project management needs.

Freedom from installation hassles and quick access to collaboration and productivity.

Quickly Launch the Orangescrum Community Edition for effective project & task management.

You can have the community edition up and running within minutes which makes it easier for you to try it out with your team members and offer them a smoother onboarding experience.

Orangescrum helps teams of all sizes to

  • Collaborate effectively from a single platform
  • Robust task management with custom task types
  • Unlimited projects, users and tasks
  • Project breakdown into milestones and tasks
  • Quick access to all project related files and documentation
  • Monitor project & task progress in real time
  • Absolute transparency with resource allocation and task assignment

You can follow the below steps to launch Orangescrum on AWS.

How to Install Orangescrum AWS AMI

Lunch Instances

In Step 1:

Select AWS Marketplace, search for Orangescrum and choose Select

AWS Marketplace

In Step 2:

Choose an Instance Type, choose Next: Configure Instance Details.

Choose Instance Type

In Step 3:

Configure Instance Details, choose Network, and then choose your VPC. It should look something like vpc-xxxxxxx (

Configure Instance

  • Choose the Subnet, from any Availability Zone of your choice and click on Next: Add Storage.

In Step 4:

Choose Next: Add Tag.

Add Storage

In Step 5:

Name your instance and choose Next: Configure Security Group

Add Tags

In Step 6:

Configure Security Group– Select a security group to allow the required TCP Ports, like TCP 22, 80 and 443. If you have existing security group, select from existing one else create a new security group and Choose Review and Launch.

Configure Security Group

  • Choose Launch.
  • You can choose your existing key pair or create a new key pair and download the key pairs

Note: You must download the key pairs which helps to login to your instance through SSH, else you can’t find it later.

  • Choose Launch Instances

Existing Key Pair

  • Choose View Instances

Lunch Instances

  • Run Orangescrum with your AWS instance public IP or Your Domain Name from your browser.
  • Once you hit the URL, you can see the SMTP Configuration Wizard
  • On the SMTP Configuration Wizard, configure the SMTP with Host Name, Port, User Name and Password.

Orangescrum SMTP

Note: You can skip SMTP setup by clicking on “Skip this step”. Also, this step doesn’t verify your SMTP configuration. You can configure the SMTP at app/Config/constants.php to invite users to Orangescrum.

  • Once you click on “Finish” button, you’ll be asked to provide your Company Name, Email address and a Password to login and start using OrangeScrum.

Orangescrum Quick Signup

Note: If you’re unable to see the Sign up page, then change the “Configure::write(‘debug’,2)” to “Configure::write(‘debug’,0)” or vice-versa in app/Config/core.php. Once the sign up page appears, change the debug value to “0” and save it.

After successful sign up, Orangescrum interface will look like this

Successful Signup

About Orangescrum:

Orangescrum Community Edition is one of the top open source project management tools that helps to organize projects, tasks, files and teams at one centralized collaborative platform for startup and global enterprises.

It provides granular visibility into task statuses across all projects, task planning, task allocation, email notifications& alerts and reports to give IT Teams, Product Development Teams, and Marketing Teams the speed, flexibility and actionable insights required to innovate in today’s competitive markets.

It can be used for Sprint Planning, Task Management, Bug Tracking, Marketing Campaign, Advertising Plans etc.

Premium features such as Time Tracking, Timesheet, Resource Management, Custom Task Status, Gantt Charts, Project Template, Mobile App, Advanced Bug Tracking, & Executive Reports etc. are available as plugins or add-ons here.

Orangescrum gives unlimited storage for any number of projects to your whole team for free.

Orangescrum gives unlimited storage for any number of projects to your whole team for free.


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