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Orangescrum in 60 seconds!

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Welcome! You are the Project–Head of your Business. You want to organize your team’s work space? That’s right, here you can keep your projects on track and gets things done effortlessly. You can access this tool from anywhere & anytime with secure access.

Less than 60 seconds is all it takes to start using Orangescrum.

Create Your Company Account in Orangescrum:

All you need is your Name, Email id, industry & company name (access URL). Fill up the details in Sign up form on Orangescrum home page. Congrats and welcome to Orangescrum!

Sign Up Form In Home Page, Project Management Blog

Set up your Company Details:

Go to My Company from the settings. Update your company name (recommend character is 15), fill up company website, contact number, upload your company logo (this logo automatically will appear in the invoice).

My Company Profile, Project Management Blog

It’s time to set your profile. Again from the Setting, go the My Profile.

Update your Name, verify your email address, select the time zone (it’s for you only) and upload your profile pic!

Now you’re all set to use Orangescrum!

My Profile 2, Project Management Blog

Create First Project:

From Quick Links/Dashboard/Menu Panel, click on New Project to create your first Project. Specify the Project Name, Describe about your project & your estimated time & date to finish it.

Learn more how to create a Project?

Create Project, Project Management Blog

Invite your Team & Assign Projects:

From Menu/Quick Links/Dashboard, click on Add user to invite or import your team members to Orangescrum. During the invite, assign respective projects to the user.

Learn more about to add users in Orangescrum?

Invite User 1, Project Management Blog

Create Tasks for Projects:

From Dashboard/Quick Links/Menu, create tasks for the project. You need to do the following things to create a task:

  • Fill up the Task Title
  • Select Task type
  • Set the Priority
  • Describe the task in details
  • Set the Start date & expected finish date
  • Estimated Hour

Create Task 2, Project Management Blog

As you see you can assign the task to only one user, but you can notify other users about the task assignment. Once the assignee finishes the task, (s)he can re-assign to some other users with updated status.

Learn more how to create a Task?

Above all, there are lot many features in Orangescrum to organize your work. It’s easier to add users to your Project, Attach files, Enter Time log to the Task, raise Invoice, Get Kanban view, get Daily Catchup, create Task Dependencies and see Hours spent by task type in Analytics.

When you adopt technology, take full advantage of all functionalities to streamline your workflow. Allow Orangescrum to work for you while you invest your time and money in your core business.

Orangescrum is a cloud application that facilitates remote users to manage project development efficiently.

That’s all from me today. I’ll bring in more Orangescrum Tips, Features & updates to you soon!


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