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One Day at Orangescrum’s Support Center [Live Case Scenario]

One Day At Orangescrums Support Center 1, Project Management Blog
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Once in a while, something happens that motivates you for a long long time. Let me share one such story with you.

It was a busy Friday (as usual) for the Orangescrum support team and our support team was working overtime, late into the evening due to lot’s of feedbacks, issues, ideas being on the table. Somewhere in the hip, there was a query from a user (from US) that read, “Can I get an overall Projects report & analytics (Time & Cost Analysis) from my project dashboard?”

So our next response to him was instant, asking what he is expecting to get in the report from the dashboard of a project management tool. Just how much he wants to achieve with it.

The next reply was:”My God!You guys aren’t bots. Are you? How can you work so late on a Friday evening?”

Rule 1: Always reply quick, even if it’s a short one. Make the prospect feel that his words have been noticed.

A report module can mean so many things. It may be from Task & Project analysis to Time & Cost Analysis. After a few minutes of conversation, it turned out he wanted an add-on just to be able to get a complete real time overview of projects in terms of time & cost from his dashboard. And he wanted it instantly in a day or two.

Unfortunately, our team was still working overtime to complete an add-on that was supposed to do the exact same thing & much more. However the expected date of completion was at least 10 days away. There was no way we could have made a false promise to the prospect, we just don’t do that.

Rule 2: The first priority should be to solve someone’s problem. If your product can do it, perfect. If not, go out of your way to help him. He will never forget you.

The prospect said; he had already tried other project management apps. They were good but didn’t really standout for his needs. Like said above, he just needed to get the reports. Nothing more, nothing less.

So our support representative guided him to generate Time Log Reports, Time Log chart view, Resource Utilization Report (where you can find who has worked on how many hours for which tasks & project etc) and how to track cost with “Payment” & “Invoice” feature. We also helped him with a quick demo.

In the meantime, we have promised to deliver the add-on “Executive Dashboard” with real time analysis of projects in terms of time & cost within 2 weeks.  In the meantime, we have promised to deliver the add-on “Executive Dashboard” with real time analysis of projects in terms of time & cost within 2 weeks.  

In a while, the response came:

“This is exactly what I was looking for. Suits my requirement, & budget too. In fact it’s open source. Haha! I can’t thank you guys more. Late Friday evening, sitting for almost an hour & giving me the demo just to help me out! I don’t think many people will do it.

If your support is this good, I can’t wait to try out your “reporting module” that’s coming in 2 weeks time. Also I will be eagerly waiting to get the Executive UI that’s expected to release with the add-on.”

Rule 3: The bottom line of a support team should always be to make the prospects happy. There’s no bigger reward than when a prospect says, “he’s eagerly waiting for your product”.

Our policy has always been to treat our prospects the best way possible. Appreciations are our best rewards. And we will always try our fullest to stick to it.

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How far are you willing to go, when it comes to support? Let me know your thoughts below.  


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