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Introducing the Custom Task Type

Introducing The Custom Task Type, Project Management Blog
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Did you know??? Orangecrum is really for everyone! – It’s doesn’t matter whether your business is Education or Health Services or Construction, you can define your own Task Type and add Tasks under them.

Task Types are the Task Categories and we understand that everybody wants to have their own Task Type/Categories.

Here we are Introducing the Custom Task Type for each company in Orangescrum.

How to set Custom Task Type for your Company in Orangescrum?

  1. Click on the Gear icon in the rightmost top section of the Page.
  2. Go to Task Type under the Company Settings.
  3. Find 12 default Task Types listed and the #of Tasks associated with them. You can remove any of them by unchecking the checkbox and save the changes.
  4. Click on the “+ New Task Type” and add your new Task Types.
  5. Now all of your custom Task Types are going to appear on the Tasks for your Company.

NOTE: Only the Company Owner or Admin can access the Task Type page in Orangescrum. All the users associated with that Company can access the new Task Types.

Custom Task Type, Project Management Blog

New Task Type, Project Management Blog

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