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4 Must Have Add-ons to Power up Your Orangescrum Community Version

4 Must Have Add Ons To Power Up Your 1, Project Management Blog
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Info, Project Management Blog

Important Massage to our Open-source, Enterprise & Add-on Users
We discontinued the Add-on Selling from Nov 1, 2021 and the Add-on Support will be discontinued from Feb, 2022. Any user want to use our On-Premise Solution are recommended to migrate into Orangescrum Self-Hosted plan.
Now that you have installed Orangescrum, you may think what else I will need to enhance the Orangescrum experience.Here are my top 4 must have add-ons that help businesses of any size maximize productivity, efficiency, and profitability effortlessly.

1. Time Log Add-onTime Log V2 1, Project Management Blog

Time is the scarcest resource and unless it is managed nothing else can be managed ~ Peter Drucker

i. Time Logging: Flexible yet Accurate

You run a business & it’s pertinent to track exact time spent by your resources on various tasks.As you start the Timer; it automatically selects the default project and task from where you started it.

Time spent on the task is calculated and recorded automatically.Down the line, generate invoice, and do invoicing of any task(s)or project as you wish.

  • User friendly task timer
  • Advanced analytics on Resource Utilization
  • Accurate time info for each resource, task and project
  • Transparent management of billable and non-billable hours

ii. Resource Utilization: Control your Budget and Time

How do you plan, manage and utilize your resources effectively? With this, you track which resource spent how much time on a task or project. Measure it, improve on it, and take control of your Time. Strengthen your grip over errant resources.

2. Invoice Add-onInvoice 1 1, Project Management Blog

Invoice Add-on allows you to easily create and send accurate invoices to your customers. It also

  • Helps you save time and get paid faster.
  • No accounting/human errors
  • Alerts on invoicing and payment due dates
  • Choose your currency and applicable tax
  • Personalize & enrich your customer information
  • Download invoice details in PDF
  • Send invoices directly from Orangescrum

3. Gantt Chart Add-onGantt Chart V1 1, Project Management Blog

Analytical view of a project with all its inter-dependencies – be it the tasks or the resources to help you identify and re-plan project schedules with improved task organization.

You understand where resources and teams are engaged. So, you better manage them ahead to success.

You get

  • Highly interactive graphical view of multiple tasks, their dependencies and timelines on a single platform
  • Drag and drop to change start and end dates and dependencies
  • Provides “Critical Path” of the project
  • Milestones and associated tasks mapping

4. Task Status Group Add-OnTask V2 1, Project Management Blog

We built this only to ensure you run your business your way. You can

  • Define your own statuses work flow for tasks and task groups alike
  • Time and effort saving from multiple email exchanges, reminders and follow-ups
  • Reduced red-tape and administrative overheads
  • Improves efficiency of the business and reduces the execution cycle

Task status group add on makes business management simple and easy.

If you’re looking for a carefully built PM tool for your design studio, IT Company, consultant firm, marketing agency, or creative team, take the add-ons and see why more people choose Orangescrum.

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