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Why Does Orangescrum Deserve to be Your Go-To Task Manager

Why Does Orangescrum Deserve To Be Your Go To Task Manager, Project Management Blog
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In case you’re thinking that “seamless workflow” is a Task Manager’s only attribute, there is more truth to this!

Getting the rest of the team on board isn’t an easy task, especially with critical deadlines to be met.

According to the State of Project Management Statistics, unmet or unclear task dependencies account for 12% of project failures. Ineffective methods lead to substandard results, which is why making a choice on the market can be a daunting task!


Dealing with ineffective Task Management Software can show signs / challenges such as:

  • A valuable task that might simply be forgotten
  • No organized system in place
  • Duplicating work that’s already in progress.
  • Spending nearly two hours searching for information in emails or shared directories.
  • Spending too much on various tools resulting in “lost” productivity.

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An efficient Task Manager earns a good reputation when it streamlines processes and identifies bottlenecks in your workflows. Maximizing efficiency and in turn, productivity makes for an apt Task Manager.

Improve remote collaboration with Orangescrum

Get More Done With Orangescrum, Project Management Blog


Having said this, Orangescrum earned a deserving space in the Task Management arena and is vouched by some of the best companies like Kewico GmbH, SFCG, IMMOWERT123, Saral Technologies, and many more.

Hear it from them—

As Hayley Turner, CEO, Hailstorm Development experienced it first-hand…

“My team (Hailstorm-Development) and I LOVE Orangescrum! We are a flexitime remote business solution specialist agency, and this tool has enabled us to actually create this company. Without you all, we wouldn’t even exist!”

Just like Hayley, the list of appreciation from users of various organizational verticals undeniably added value to the effective and simple Task Management tool by Orangescrum.

Some of the value-packed Task Management features by Orangescrum have taken its users’ experience to the next level.

Why do you need Orangescrum Task Management Software?

  • Helps with work organization
  • Eases Team Collaboration efforts
  • Prioritizes your tasks, Sub-Tasks (And Sub sub-tasks)
  • Offers you an overall view of recurring, pending, and completed tasks
  • Guides you through various stages and phases of the workflow

We need not stress the fact that Orangescrum Task Management Software is sure to make you “Productively lazy”!

Let’s dig into what makes this Task Management tool this unique—

1. Sub-task Hierarchy View 1

A bird-eye view of work in progress is an essential component of a task manager which enables tracking from conception to completion.

Suitable for Challenges such as –

  • No real-time status updates from teams
  • Disorganization in task assignment
  • Lack of team collaboration
  • Resource conflicts

The Hierarchy view consists of:

  • A simplified overview of your task list.
  • Enable team collaboration by arranging tasks in a threaded structure.
  • Bulk actions including cloning, status updates, deletion of tasks.
  • Update features on crucial tasks in one go from assignee allocation to drag and drop tasks and deadlines to make sure you never miss a task!

Just as Brent Kerr, CEO of Kewico GmbH mentions his experience with Orangescrum interface and clearly presented lists and workflows that brought about a dramatic increase in project Management efficiency.

What he achieved?

As mentioned in the beginning, Task management is more than just seamless workflow. But having achieved this, plus a 29% rise in on-time project delivery with a 50+ Team Size is insanely worth every penny!

LSSM, Project Management Blog

2. Task Groups

Sporting an intuitive view of your project, Task Groups offer a basic structure that not only breaks down your project into smaller manageable modules or phases but also helps in analyzing how your work would flow over different stages or modules.

Resolves Challenges such as –

  • Undefined task types
  • Disorganized task planning
  • Poor resource utilization
  • Inefficient time tracking

Task Groups encompasses all the features you need to manage any task super-smoothly, plus, skyrocket your productivity!

The Director of Marketing Automation, SFCG, Jamie Smith, vouches for Orangescrum ‘Task Groups’ feature and loves the simplicity of its user-friendly UI.

Her company’s project processes simplified with the following results –

  • Meaningful task categorization
  • Multiple task views
  • Improved filters
  • Better resource planning

Her achievement?

Jamie was most impressed with the percentage rise in the work reduction! That’s right! Achieving a 43% Reduction in tasks rework with a (50+ team size) is a big deal!

Work Process, Project Management Blog

3. Sub-Tasks & Sub Sub-Task

Sub-tasks (And Sub-sub tasks) are basically a part of the Hierarchy view.

Orangescrum Hierarchy, Project Management Blog

The “Sub-Task” is truly a value bomb that relieves you from complex priorities that are often overlooked. It helps you ensure a tightly coupled project execution without leaving our minute details.

Suitable for challenges such as –

  • Poor visibility of task flow
  • Delays and on-time project completion
  • Flawed and incomplete workflow
  • Disorganized tracking of project goals

Imagine how easier it would be to capture the essence of every single task to hit the end goal, bringing a whole new meaning to Project Management!

Benefits of Sub-Tasking at a glance –

  • Splits a task into smaller tasks
  • Tracks the completion of a parent task
  • Helps in accessing priorities, progress (in percentage), assign to, start/end dates, and task types.
  • Helps in organized project planning

Digital Project Managers like Clotilde Rodriguez from France found it a cakewalk to migrate projects, thanks to Orangescrum Sub-task and Sub sub-task feature!

“I was very impressed with the ease of use of its interface and all its features to manage projects. It is a platform that can be customized to our needs. Migrating my projects to Orange Scrum was super easy.”

Similarly, Daniel Petratsch, a Technical Director from IMMOWERT123 expressed his challenge with unclear processes in his team and disorganized task flows before opting for Orangescrum.

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The ‘Sub-Task’ feature benefit Daniel with his challenges resulting in –

  • Automated processes
  • Assessed true progress
  • Improved process alignment
  • Prevented bottlenecks

Daniel was able to enjoy a 32% rise in process alignment just through well-planned Sub-Tasking. Needless to say, the rise of automation transforms results!

Sub Task, Project Management Blog

4. Resource Availability Grid

One of the challenges that Project Managers face on a daily basis is Resource Management. What’s frustrating is checking if there are resources available for a particular task that needs attention.

A variety of factors that come in the way of allocating resources to a task is bandwidth, time constraints of a resource, and how large a project is (In terms of work and time).

The Resource Availability Grid as a part of Orangescrum Task Manager is a golden nugget in the Resource Management Space. It’s especially suitable for easing Team Management functionalities that prove to be counterproductive.

Resource Availbilty1, Project Management Blog

Want to learn a shortcut?

The Resource Availability Grid tasks sport a brilliant view that avoids overloading your smart and efficient resources.

Suitable for challenges such as –

  • Mapping-out resources
  • Analyze resource shortages
  • Missed/delayed deadlines
  • Analyzing resource bandwidth
  • Checking the time spent per resource per project

Anil Kumar, CEO of Saral Technologies explored the best side of Orangescrum Resource Management tool when he finally got rid of restricted team collaboration and unorganized project information as the prime hindrances.

With thorough resource allocation, obtaining 17x quick access to relevant information with a 50+ team size was nothing less than an award!

Benefits of Task Management with the help of Resource Availability Grid –

  • Prevents time consumption on finding resources
  • Avoids disrupting planned submission dates
  • Especially enables team management functionalities
  • Simply re-prioritizes and reallocates resources in a very efficient manner.
  • Enables better due date submissions

To better put it, this feature offers end-to-end resource management that helps in balancing resource availability and project time.

After all, time is the deciding factor of every project!

Resource Availability, Project Management Blog

How about some additional features that could ease your Task handling efforts?

  • A single view for comments: Keeps you updated on your task developments.
  • “Notify via email” to notify another project personnel.
  • Task linking that is executed on the basis of “duplicated by, related to, and derived from”

Sign up. Get productive!

The list doesn’t end here! Make good use of your time in learning about Orangescrum Task Management tool here!

How you seize the day is how you manage your tasks with this much-needed Project management tool. Not only has it improved professional lives but also helped with keeping one’s sanity intact!

Orchestrate your work from daily tasks to strategic initiatives.

Hire Orangescrum as your go-to Task Manager if you’re looking to skyrocket your productivity and enable better team collaboration.

What are you waiting for?

Get set, Get started!

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