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Top Team Management Pain Points To Focus On

Top Team Management Pain Points To Focus On

Team Management Pain points can be worrisome for a project. They come with no second-guessing, but just solution as a last resort.

Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.”  – Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric

Mr. Welch rightly mentioned how a Team manager as a Lead can first help themselves to help others. A Team Manager juggles from building trust to getting work done, to multi-tasking!

According to 2019’s The Predictive Index stats, Team Managers lack 28% of Team building skills topping the list.


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This pops up a question –

Are your pain points managing you?

If this is the case, you got to implement every point mentioned below!

It’s true that Team Management problems have greater issues to address. However, we need to get the basics right to slide to greater hurdles.

 We have created a list of the 5 most common issues of Project Managers that ruin team management efforts. 

Top 5 Team Management Pain Points affecting your Project—

1. Straying away from the Goal

Oftentimes, Team managers forget that goals are set for the overall team’s progress. The team may be unable to shift from identifying goals and describing tasks to carrying out its work plan at times. This could be due to a lack of clear roles, responsibilities, and priorities.

  • Effective collaboration helps the team to achieve goals together.
  • Defining the goals with the end in mind can help the team to visualize the challenges that lie ahead.
  • Avoiding taking up tasks not related to your goal can help in a great way.
  • Drifting from your goals is the most important problem of Project and Team management pain points.

2.Lack of Communication

Communication issues act as a runner-up in the top Project Management pain points. Effective communication in project management is crucial for the success of a project.

Deal with communication hassles the right way—

  • Taking the constructive suggestions from other team members should be taken in a positive light.
  • Always think about the outcome by taking care of your own behavior.
  • Work from an angle of “and,” rather than “or.”
  • Deal old issues with new ways. Brainstorming with an open mind has helped tons of projects to success.

3. Project Transparency

A lot of times, transparency in projects is a missing factor. Poor accountability makes it even worse. Keeping a perspective instead of inflating an issue can solve half the hiccups.

This is exactly why successful project managers use collaborative project management software to their advantage. These tools offer features like assignment capabilities, mentions, comments, uploads, etc.

Some of them offer a comprehensive view of tasks to keep the project transparency intact.

4. Inconsistent Team Performance

Team members aren’t robots. When you lead a team, you lead human beings. Poor per­for­mance rears its ugly head at times. When this happens, you’ll need a strategy to get things back on track.

  • Never over­burden your employee when iden­ti­fy­ing core per­for­mance issues.
  • Deal with one problem at a time.
  • Move on to other areas after your performance improves.

When it comes to performance, it’s important to keep tracking and monitoring every team member’s task. A great task management tool can help you overcome this challenge.

Performance is a major driver for beating Project Management pain points as a Team Manager.

5. Poor Skill-set of Team Members

Performance highly depends on a team member’s skill set.

Upgrading your team’s skills in-house opens doors to new resolutions. Without proper project skills and experience and foresight, a project is bound to fail.

How to deal with this?

  • Provide the ideal training for a particular project to a group of members.
  • A set groundwork for initiating a project can lay a foundation to ease tasks.
  • Documenting every skill-based training can be beneficial for new members too.

Address your Team Management Pain Points Today!

“Exceptional Team Management is the art of transforming problems into interesting perspectives.”

Ignoring Team Manager Pain points can paralyze a project, ending up in burnout.

Make the most of Orangescrum, your go-to Project Management Software that offers a dozen of benefits for your next project.

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