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5 Project Resource Planning Practices you need to Focus on!

5 Project Resource Planning Practices You Need To Focus On, Project Management Blog
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Project Resource planning is as essential as any phase of the project management cycle.  

Resource Management practices are put into use for projects that need to streamline processes and improve business outcomes. 

To get a project to the finish line, resources become an essential part of the entire project phase.

Poor resource planning and management will always result in negative repercussions such as low productivity and poor quality of tasks, delays in deadlines, missed opportunities, and much more!

Resources can include variations, such as the employees, budget, equipment to execute the budget. 

But, do you know which is the most valuable resource?

It’s your staff. 

A skilled employee becomes a valuable resource for completing a project. The absence of a valuable resource can be a major roadblock to a project. 

According to Interact, 19.8% of employees with knowledge-based roles spend maximum time searching for information.

Project resource planning isn’t just limited to budgeting or skill set. It’s about dwelling in a positive work atmosphere where collaborators are sure about their role. 

Best Practices to get the most from your resources when planning a project:

Break down the project into tasks

Breaking down a project into tasks is the easiest approach to figure out what resources you’ll need for it. It will be easy to determine how to complete those tasks throughout the project. There will be a far better plan for resource allocation.

Resource Examination of Past Projects

Examining the past projects and resource usage can help in analyzing the future planning of resources.

To ease your project resource planning process, it’s important to gauge much time did employees spend on those tasks

Try using Automation tools

Look at what components of a project you can automate when planning project resources.

An employees’ time usually consumes the biggest part of the budget.

In the project resource planning stage, it is important to analyze the cost of automation tools. 

An automation software serves as a time saver that can help resources in speeding up work and project schedules. 

Design a Resource Planning Calendar

Create daily, weekly, and monthly tasks based on the project’s duration. Visual mapping of resources on a calendar helps in spotting supplication and resource overlaps. Therefore, resource allocation is important. 

For example, a calendar with project management software will include respective collaborators who can access it. We can align the project team with resource needs and planning.

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Using a Resource Management Template

Planning resources for projects can be cumbersome. It’s necessary to ensure every collaborator has access to necessary resources and details.

Every brief gap in resources can cause hurdles and delays in tasks.

This is exactly why an online resource management template can guide project and Resource Managers in organizing the resource plan

A resource management template helps in adapting to new issues and resolving them.

Sensible Project Resource Planning with Orangescrum

Good resource management means using resources with productivity as an aim.  

The trick is to make sure your people are working on projects that are connected with the company’s strategic goals and match their skill sets.

Orangescrum Project Management Software helps you to manage and assign tasks effectively to the right resources.

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