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Google Tasks – Your Personal Task Manager

Google Tasks – Your Personal Task Manager, Project Management Blog
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Google has had Google Tasks up its sleeve for quite a while and eventually making it an integral part of the G-Suite finally in mid-2018.

Google Tasks is the most intuitive and simplest way of organizing yourself.

You are probably one among the more than a billion that use Gmail and getting a neat task manager feature embedded with your most used app is a huge plus.

One doesn’t have to worry about syncing stuff across platforms. IOS, windows or android you can use google tasks across devices.

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This makes it highly accessible and increases its user-friendly quotient too.

Let us take a quick look at what one can achieve with Google Tasks:

  • Organize your work day
  • Track your daily chores
  • Plan personal events

To start with Google tasks bring you the comfort of getting your emails & events from google calendar to be created as tasks.

Once you have logged into your Gmail account, you will see the other google features such as calendar, keep and tasks as a strip on the right side of your inbox as below

Google Tasks, Project Management Blog


Benefits of Google Tasks

Google Tasks helps you create tasks from your emails as this where all the action is.

Secondly, you can define start dates, start time and due dates. And these tasks can then be seen as events on the google calendar. Thereby triggering the much needed alerts and reminders to stay focused.

The best thing is there is a dedicated Google Tasks app so even if you are away from your desk, the app comes to your rescue.

Moreover, seeing all your tasks in the calendar helps your prioritize your tasks and thereby reorder them as you progress through your day.

You can simply modify or edit the task with the revised timelines – due date and time.

It becomes easier to keep track of your task progress and shift gears when needed.

You are always in control of your day and know what to do next and when. Quite reassuring!

You may fail to check all of those tasks in your initial days and may have spill-overs.

But as you continue to make progress, you will eventually get better at organizing your work, your day and be more productive and effective.

Quick Recap

  • Create multiple tasks lists & associated tasks with google tasks
  • Convert your events and emails into tasks (import reminders as tasks)
  • Set recurrence for your tasks when needed
  • Easily track progress throughout the day
  • Update tasks, modify due dates and time on the fly with the google tasks app
  • Notifications and alerts grab your timely attention towards the tasks at hand
  • Break your tasks into manageable subtasks if you have to
  • Accessible across the device of choice – desktop, laptop, cell phones and tablets
  • More visibility, greater control, effective results
  • Can be used by anyone and everyone
  • All of the above for free

Google as I have always believed are the champions of the “Less is more” and masters at keeping things simple.

No learning curve and zero adoption time. Click, tap and go!

Google has very smartly and quietly inserted a simple yet impactful productivity app into our lives. It’s your very own personal assistant that never lets you miss out on important professional or personal life events.

You build a healthy habit of listing all important activities and over time you eliminate the ones you don’t need.


And soon you are left with the most crucial and significant activities that help further your ambitions and achieve your goals.

This also means

  • You have more time for things that matter
  • You have less distractions and a laser like focus
  • You make good use of the time you earned back
  • You achieve more, stress less
  • You start moving from outcomes to better outcomes rather than just one task to the other

So Google Tasks – Click, tap and go!

On the other hand, if you like to mix-up things, collaborate with lot many people and run complex activities and events, look towards apps that enable stringent task and project management.

Something as simple as Google Tasks but with more ammo – Orangescrum! You get it all as explained above, only a little more and more!

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