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Amazing Benefits of Integrating Orangescrum with Other Business Tools

Amazing Benefits Of Integrating Orangescrum With Other Business Tools, Project Management Blog
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Businesses that have integrated Orangescrum to manage their Project and workflows should consider integrating with other business tools.

Orangescrum allows you to integrate other productivity and business tools such as Slack, Google Docs, Zapier, Dropbox, etc.

Integrating these apps helps you in bringing in features of other tools into Orangescrum, thereby enabling project managers to leverage those features on a single platform.

App integration software is a process in which a primary application is integrated with other applications to ensure they share data and perform functions of both apps in a unified platform.

9 Popular Integrations for Orangescrum- Project Management Software


1. Zapier –

Zapier enables teams to automate tedious tasks by connecting different web apps with “zaps,” it enables you to pass data back and forth between two apps seamlessly. Integrating Zapier can automate your workflows without the need for any code.

Zapier, Project Management Blog

Benefits of Integrating Orangescrum with Zapier

  • Connect Orangescrum to 5000+ apps to automate tasks
  • Trigger Zapier when you create tasks, create projects, or invite users
  • Created automated workflows to make business management easier
  • Save time, effort, money, and resources by enabling app integration for seamless data sharing
  • Measure your growth with Zapier analytics
  • Work from anywhere

2. OneDrive –

OneDrive integration with Orangescrum enables project managers and team members to access their files from OneDrive accounts as well as attach files to any task. This integration makes the workflow simple for all team members.

OneDrive, Project Management Blog

Benefits of Integrating Orangescrum with OneDrive

  • Free-up application storage space
  • Unlimited file access
  • Easier collaboration and file sharing
  • Organize files in a centralized location
  • Manage document remotely
  • Manage organization role and access

3. Zoom –

Zoom integration with Orangescrum lets you and your team have meaningful and productive meetings with Zoom integration. This way you can communicate with your remote team members with the ability to share screens and update projects on Orangescrum live.

Zoom, Project Management Blog

Benefits of Integrating Orangescrum with Zoom

  • Save time by scheduling sessions in a single platform
  • Automatically send notifications to your team members when a meeting is on schedule
  • Record all data in a single system
  • Easy to integrate and set up on Orangescrum

4. Single Sign-On (SSO) –

With SSO you can connect all the applications and services and log in using just one set of credentials. Integrating SSO lets you identify any potential threats so that you can act faster.

Single Sign On SSO, Project Management Blog

Benefits of Integrating Orangescrum with SSO

  • Enable multi-factor authentication
  • Decreased cyber attacks
  • Seamless and secure user access
  • Simplified user access auditing
  • Empowered and productive users
  • Future-proof your data

5. Google Calendar –

Integrating Google Calendar into Orangescrum enables team members to be on top of all schedules set in Orangescrum. Even if you are busy and have an important day ahead of you can stay updated by scheduling your events and tasks on Google Calendar.

Google Calendar, Project Management Blog

Benefits of Integrating Orangescrum with Google Calendar

  • Save time by using google calendars to manage your events
  • You can manage multiple projects as well as stay updated with your meetings
  • Get timely reminders
  • Collaborate and share all your important events
  • Stay focussed with quick access to the information you need
  • Use Google Calendar on Orangescrum from anywhere even on mobile devices
  • Import events from other calendars

6. GitHub –

By integrating GitHub with Jira, developers can effortlessly connect their code repository with Orangescrum projects which enables them to effectively track and manage all projects and tasks in a single platform.

GitHub, Project Management Blog

Benefits of Integrating Orangescrum with GitHub

  • Easily collaborate and streamline workflows
  • View task status and progress of work
  • Simplify the process of tracking and managing tasks and issues for developers
  • Get easy access to code repositories in a single platform
  • Generate reports that combine data from both platforms

7. Slack –

Slack is one of the most popular messaging and collaboration platforms. With Slack integration teams can seamlessly connect with each other, share tasks, and files, and communicate directly from the application.

Slack, Project Management Blog

Benefits of Integrating Slack with Orangescrum

  • Never miss any important update
  • Resolve issues on Slack discussions
  • Save time by communicating instantly with both team members and managers
  • Automate team meetings
  • Send updates directly from the application

8. Google Drive –

Google Drive is a cloud-based storage option that gives you the ability to keep work documents, images, emails, and other files on their server. Google Drive also enables sharing these documents to make edits in real time and collaborate with the team when needed.

Benefits of Integrating Google Drive with Orangescrum

  • Authentical Google credentials only once when attaching the file
  • Click and attach important documents from Orangescrum with just one click.
  • No need to download or upload documents anymore

9. Dropbox –

No more clunky emails as with Dropbox you can share small to large project files with your teams in a flash. No matter where you are, your teams are always informed and can collaborate with ease.

Benefits of Integrating Dropbox with Orangescrum

  • Turn any folder on Dropbox into a shared project workspace for your teams to view, edit and upload files.
  • Associate Dropbox files with tasks and share documents or images with the team with ease.
  • Bring as many files as you need from your Dropbox folder into the Orangescrum projects.


Even if you are able to manage all your tasks on Orangescrum, you will be immensely benefited if you integrate these business tools. These tools supercharge by improving their functionalities to make project management more productive.

Orangescrum is one of the highest-rated project collaboration tools and with the feature to integrate other business tools, it has truly become the one-stop project collaboration tool for all business functions. Try now

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