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Product Update: OneDrive Integration is Now Available with Orangescrum

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Hello Orangescrummers!

Once again we are back with a few more feature enhancements. And we are more delighted to announce it as these new features are added to the product through our customer feedback system.

Well, the wait is over and we are happy to announce that OneDrive integration and Microsoft Project Plan import are available within Orangescrum!

We have always been very mindful of our customer’s needs and how we can make ourselves more productive for them.

Each new update or enhancement always makes the user’s work more efficient and simplifies their process.

To provide the best customer experience we have been making a series of updates in the last few years. Last time we came up with Project Filter enhancement and some major enhancements like Dashboard 2.0, and Epic View are in progress.


What is OneDrive Integration?

Collaboration is a must need for any project execution. And a transparent collaboration module helps team members’ efficiency.

To simplify the collaboration effort Orangescrum has the features like Comment, @mention, Notification, and File Sharing Module.

By enhancing the file-sharing module, we have allowed users to integrate two of the most used file-sharing applications, i.e Google Drive and Dropbox.

On the customer’s demand, we are also adding the OneDrive application to integrate into Orangescrum.

With OneDrive Integration, users are able to access their files from their OneDrive account and can also attach the files to any task.

Orangescrum already has the Google Drive and DropBox Integrations avail underneath the file sharing module

And this time we are adding another ecosystem to this Project Management Application.

How to Integrate OneDrive in Orangescrum?

 As our main motto is to maintain simplicity to drive your workflow, we make this integration process as straightforward as possible.

Users just need to make a few clicks to make this integration available within their account.

Find Integration, Project Management Blog

Fit the profile icon at your account, and you can see the OneDrive icon underneath the integration dropdown.

Once you click on the OneDrive icon, you will land at the OneDrive and Orangescrum integration landing page.

Onedrive Integration Page, Project Management Blog

Every application needs authentication before starting the use of it

Once you reach the OneDrive integration page, click on the “Start OneDrive Authentication” button.

Start Authentication, Project Management Blog

Once you click on the authentication button, you can see the Microsoft sign-in form.  Here you just need to put the Microsoft or OneDrive credentials to complete the authentication process.

Successful Onedrive Integration, Project Management Blog

Once you authenticate successfully with OneDrive, you will be redirected back to the Integration page. You also can see the message “Connected with Orangescrum” on this page.

This means, the Authentication process has been completed and your Integration with OneDrive account with Orangescrum has been successfully done.

Isn’t it simple, huh?

The Use-case of OneDrive Integration within Orangescrum

Once users complete the OneDrive Integration to their Orangescrum account, they can able to see the OneDrive icon at:

  • Create Task pop-up.
  • Task details page.
  • Task edit page.
  • Comment section of the task details page.

Task Creation, Project Management Blog(Caption: OneDrive Icon Create Task Pop-up)

User can access their OneDrive file by simply clicking on the same icon.

User advice: We urge users to maintain sensitivity at the time of choosing or attaching the file.

Choose The File, Project Management Blog

Once you select the file, the same will be displayed on the task details page. All stakeholders of the associated project can view or download this attached file.

Same in the comment section, users can attach the OneDrive files to collaborate.

The benefits of having OneDrive integration within the Project Management Tool

Obviously, it helps to keep your team collaborating more efficiently but there are many other benefits there. Like:

  • Free up the application storage.
  • Unlimited file access.
  • Easy for collaboration.
  • Organization platform for files.
  • Maintain organizational role and access.
  • Empower document management.
  • And many more.

Coming Soon

There are many release features in our enhancement roadmap. Still, I have mentioned some of the upcoming updates:

MPP Import – Users can import the.MPP files from Microsoft Project. It will help users to import the project details from Microsoft Project to Orangesrum.

Dashboard 2.0 – With this new dash, role-based users like Administrators, owners, and other role-based users can now see the status of projects, resources, tasks, budgets, and more.

Warping up –

Integrating the OneDrive application into Orangescrum makes the project collaboration much more efficient and structured.

We grow with your support and ideas. We also like to congratulate the users who encourage our application to be more productive.

Best of all, it doesn’t take long to start! Try it now

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