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Product Update: A Real-Time, 2-Way Sync Between Google Calendar and Orangescrum

Google Calendar Integration With Orangescrum, Project Management Blog
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Hello Orangescrum’ers, we’re back with another product update!

Over the years, Orangescrum has helped users to organize their tasks, deliver projects in time and collaborate from a single platform.

However, it is difficult to keep track of all important assignments & deadlines through email notifications & many users have asked for the ability to sync their tasks and deadlines with Google Calendar.

The wait is over! Now, you can see all your important appointments, deadlines, tasks on your Google calendar with a real-time, 2-way integration with Orangescrum –#1 Task Management Software .


Why Google Calendar?

Google Calendar lets you organize your schedule and share events with team members and friends. With Google’s free online calendar, it’s easy to keep track of your daily schedule.

Also, Google Calendar is pre-installed on many mobiles and being widely used by businesses via G-Suite. It displays meetings, appointments, activities, and events in a single place.

Its ease of use and Google Calendar integration was the most requested feature that came out of feedback from our users, and we decided to build it with our Project Management Software.

With the integration, you can sync all your projects & tasks with Google Calendar. Similarly, if you create any event, or you make any changes in Google Calendar those will instantly be reflected in Orangescrum – SaaS Project Management Tool and vice versa.

How it works:

Once you authorize the integration, all projects or a specific project’s tasks with a due date and/or time, assign to (will be reflected in the guest calendar) in Orangescrum will automatically be added to a Google calendar of your choosing.

Similarly, any events created in that calendar will automatically be added to the Orangescrum project of your choosing during the integration.

As it is 2-way sync, any changes you make in Google Calendar like editing, deleting or changing the date of an event will be reflected in Orangescrum instantly and vice versa.

How to integrate Orangescrum with Google Calendar?

To connect your Orangescrum account with Google Calendar

  1. Sign into the Orangescrum web app (currently this is only available in the web app).
  2. Click on the profile icon and navigate to Integrations.
  3. Click on Integrations and select Google Calendar
  4. On the Google Calendar page, click the Connect button

Google Calendar In Settings, Project Management Blog

After signing into your Google account, you’ll be asked:

  1. Pick a Calendar:
    Select the calendar where you want to add your tasks. You can select any of your existing calendars or you can create a new calendar. The tasks from Orangescrum will be added to only the chosen calendar. Note:-Once chosen you cannot change to another calendar further.
  2. Sync all projects or a specific project:
    Here you will be asked to select from which project you want to sync the tasks with Google Calendar. If you select all project, then all your tasks will be synched to your calendar otherwise a specific project will be synced.
  3. Select task created on Google Calendar will be added to which project:
    New events created in the connected calendar will automatically be added to this project.
  4. When a task is closed:
    Select whether to keep all your closed status task in Calendar or remove it once it is closed from Orangescrum.
  5. Tasks without due date: You can choose to sync these tasks as all day events in your calendar or you can opt not to sync with your calendar.

Connect To Google Calendar, Project Management Blog

Once you define the details, click on the Submit to complete your Google Calendar integration with Orangescrum.

For example: create a task in Orangescrum with due date and assign to your team members.

Tasks From Orangescrum, Project Management Blog

The same task will be created as events, and you can see it on your calendar.

Event In Calendar, Project Management Blog

If you update the event, the same will be instantly reflected in Orangescrum.

Tasks From Orangescrum, Project Management Blog

In the above picture, you can notice, the due date is changed to May 25.

Would you like to try the Google Integration? Try it now.

Why you should use the Google Calendar Integration?

  • Get all your tasks for the day, week, month on a single calendar
  • Stay updated with instant notifications when you hit each milestone on time
  • Book your time effectively to focus on what’s most important
  • Drag & Drop events to adjust your planning instantly which will be reflected in Orangescrum accordingly

Over to you

Syncing your Google calendar with Orangescrum enhances your task management capabilities, & ensures better task schedule management.

Don’t have an account in Orangescrum, create your free trial account now.

Send us your feedback at, or leave us a comment below.

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