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10 Best Project Management Software With Kanban

Top 10 Kanban Featuring Project Management Software In 2021, Project Management Blog
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Today’s digital technology has simplified several ways of our work; sometimes it also brings the complexities in the day-to-day workflow operations. And for managing these complexities efficiently, Kanban system was adopted in several workplaces.

Nowadays, Kanban is being used by every professional including freelancer to small-scale businesses and global enterprises as well.

The implementation of Kanban is based on the sources, in which you will have a clear understanding of how accurately to improve your work processes;

  • Begin with the existing process
  • Grant to track incremental adjustments
  • Consider all the current processes, tasks, and responsibilities
  • Support acts of management at all levels

What is Kanban

Kanban is the visual overview of a workflow. Here you can steadily maintain your progress to improve productivity.

Or you can say, this is “the” way to visualize the team’s work, recognize and reduce complexity and deliver operational improvements.

Here work objects are described visually, enabling team members to view the state of every component of tasks at any time.

So, it provides real-time broadcast and full transparency of the project.

Being a productivity tool, this popular framework has been used by agile and DevOps software development workplaces widely.

How to use Kanban for Better Project Management

Kanban is the widely used project management methodology. It almost suits to every team and their objectives.

It helps you in accomplishing the flow of activities as your team works on shared goals.

Kanban Agile, Project Management Blog

By applying the Kanban methodology, the project management workflow becomes transparent and visual.

So, each team member can view the task status and track – TO DO, TO BE DONE & DONE!

Benefits of Kanban Methodology at a Glance:

  • Can divided entire work into manageable tasks
  • Collects all the important information that is needed for a task
  • Can adjust to your team and process
  • Gives you a proper work status under one roof

These days various Kanban feature-enabled project management tools have arisen in the market now. But viewing the complexities and demand, it is important to pick the correct tool for your workplace needs.

List of Kanban Software

1. Orangescrum Kanban Board

Orangescrum provides the Kanban board view to run various types of projects. E.g. bug tracking, task tracking, Kanban projects, scrum projects (scrum board), and much more. You can define custom status that meaningfully represents your tasks lifecycle from start to finish. So your teams get absolute clarity of to-dos, timelines, and expectations on the task assignments.

The other offering features include:

OS Kanban View, Project Management Blog



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2. ProofHub

ProofHub is leading Task Management software, here you can add task lists and subscribe tasks to team members on those lists. You can also determine whom to subscribe to on a specific stage. With an online Kanban board, you will get the choice to connect a workflow with this list as well.
ProofHub NTask, Project Management Blog

3. Trello

A common Kanban-style rule in Trello has three columns To-Do, Doing, and Done. The first to-do column has cards with a task that requires to be done. As you choose the task that is committed to you, you can move it in the performing column. When a task is closed, move it to the done column.

Trello Kanban, Project Management Blog

 4. nTask

nTask is a strong project management tool used for plan and team collaboration. It provides kanban boards to manage workflows of various projects, both for simple and complex projects as well. Users can use the default columns or set custom columns as per their need.

NTask Kanban, Project Management Blog


5. Hygger

Hygger is a Kanban tool for software development teams that perfectly suits tech and non-tech companies. The platform offers friendly Kanban boards with Swimlanes, WIP limits, time tracking, and Scrum support. You’ll get a chance to apply the other kinds of project boards such as a Sprint board, to-do lists, and a timeline. Hygger also offers handy prioritization frameworks and colorful roadmaps based on Gantt Charts for advanced planning and scheduling.

Hygger Kanban, Project Management Blog

 6. Productboard

Productboard is a Kanban product management methodology that allows your entire team to be joined in the advancement cycle. Customizable boards provide for teams to have the right stability of compliance and guidance.

Productboard Kanban, Project Management Blog

 7. Forecast

Forecast is also a comprehensive platform to handle your project workflows, especially if you’ve outgrown Trello. It goes beyond most of the Kanban board tools by providing you the knowledge to create project timelines, schedule resources, register time, and monitor budgets – all in sync with your boards.

Forecast App Kanban Board, Project Management Blog

8. Kanbanize

Kanbanize combines Kanban-style features with business automation into one platform that refers to be a great Agile project management software. Kanbanize has the ability to improve workflow while offering a visualization of key components and breaking them down into hierarchal levels of work items.

Kanbanize Kanban, Project Management Blog

 9. MeisterTask

MeisterTask was created to meet the needs of agile project teams. The software accommodates different kinds of workflows including Kanban systems, software sprints as well as simple static project boards.

Meister Task Kanban, Project Management Blog

10. Taskworld

Taskworld is one of the good tool for Kanban boards while also allowing you to keep track of your work progress. Although it should be noted that the iPad and iPhone versions of this tool could use some improvement.

Taskworld Kanban, Project Management Blog

Use of Kanban in Orangescrum

Orangescrum’s Kanban board is a Project Management feature that provides the power of visual information.

It helps to end the use of sticky notes on the whiteboard.

Orangescrum Kanban board helps project managers or project owners to see the collaboration and experience its progress in a better way.

It also helps team members to efficiently interact with each other.

Kanban View, Project Management BlogThe 3 main principles of Orangescrum’s Kanban board:

Visualization of work:

The visible prompts of Kanban help team members interact instantly and efficiently regarding every perspective of a project.

Work-in-progress limits:

When there are many tasks in process at a time, nothing appears to meet the finish line. the PM features help team to maintains their progress of work so that more is achieved in less time.

Maintaining flow:

The workflow should keep a proper flow from “to do” to “doing” to “done” in an effective way. The visible nature excludes complexities and chaos.




Today’s business environment is occupied with a large number of project and task management tools.

Overall, Kanban feature assists you to take the confusion out of your performance. Teams have better accuracy of task progress and are well furnished to handle delays.

It also gives the team the necessary freedom to do impact analysis, prioritize tasks to get better outcomes and increase customer satisfaction.

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