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How To Organize Your Kanban Board In Orangescrum?

How To Organize Your Kanban Board In Orangescrum, Project Management Blog
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Kanban boards are a great gift from Toyota to the manufacturing, operations & management teams across industries. Because of its proven benefits standing the test of time, Kanban board have become mainstream for all project management tools; Orangescrum included!

Kanban is all about eliminating waste, improving quality, reducing cycle times thereby the overall go to market time of a product, service or idea.

Kanban boards are help improve your overall operational workflow. They are highly visual and clearly indicate the project progress in terms of the movement of individual Kanban cards in each of the columns.

Organize your kanban board with Orangescrum

Get More Done With Orangescrum, Project Management Blog


What is a Kanban Board?

A Kanban board consists of multiple columns or commonly referred to as status swim lanes. These swim lanes indicate the various stages that the cards on these boards would go through in their journey from start to finish.

The cards on the Kanban board are your project tasks. The cards provide vital information about the task i.e.

  • Task title
  • Who will do it
  • Task type
  • Task Priority
  • Estimated hours
  • Spent hours
  • Attachments if any

And the overarching column anyways indicates the status of cards. So by taking a look at the column you can see how many tasks are there in a particular status swim lane and what activities lies ahead of them.

So, you know the overall status of your project by taking one look at your project Kanban board.

Kanban style of project management ensures there is all round team collaboration and productivity.

What Crucial Project Information can I get from a Kanban Board?

In simple terms you get to know

  • Total tasks that have been successfully completed
  • Tasks that are yet to start
  • Total tasks across each status swim lane
  • Bottlenecks or impediments that are preventing task progress
  • Quickly spot any task pileup in a specific status for deep dive analysis

Thus, the interactive and highly visual capability of a Kanban board makes it very easy to spot anomalies. It is acts as a single source of truth and the entire team can see who is working on what and the true progress of each task.

There is a lot of transparency as well as the ability to drill down to specific details as and when required. No wonder the above key reasons make Kanban a go to choice for most project teams.

Why is Kanban Board an Effective Project Management Methodology?

Kanban has also been inducted as an effective agile project management methodology. Mainly because you can use it for all types of projects.

Be it a professional services project, creative & content management, request management, bug tracking, simple task tracking/to-do lists or procurement management projects.

You can create custom status swim lanes to define the logical lifecycle of your tasks from start to finish based on your specific project types.

Kanban boards offer

  • Crisp and up to date information of true progress via the task cards
  • Interactive drag and drop enables prompt status updates
  • Insights to conduct effective team review meetings
  • Transparent collaboration across the board
  • Complete visibility of how things are moving and where they are stuck
  • Timely identification and resolution of bottlenecks and conflicts


Orangescrum offers a robust Kanban board for agile project management. You can create custom task status group for your specific projects.

In addition, there are already 8 per-defined project templates that offer a good start for beginners and they can build upon it from thereon.

By default, the Kanban view is available for all projects and can be easily navigated right from the central task list page.

You can try Kanban with Orangescrum task management and collaboration platform for free with a 15 day free trial. Start Today!

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