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Project Resource Management Challenges You Need To Know Today!

Project Resource Management Challenges, Project Management Blog
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Resource management challenges can be extremely hard to predict when working on multiple projects. Working out a plan and managing resources is not as simple as it seems.

Since the pandemic, organizations have become more careful with budget allocation for projects. This has fueled the rise of resource management techniques and with that comes the various challenges associated with it.

Research cites that nearly 46% of team leaders believe that hitting project deadlines is their biggest problem. This usually happens when working with large team sizes.

Project Challanges, Project Management Blog

As seen in a report by Wellingtone’s 2019 State of Project Management, Resource Management has seen the second-largest spike with 30% of respondents. A project can go haywire without proper resource planning and allocation.

Managing teams, monitoring, and improving processes are the very essence that forms a solid Resource Management plan. Needless to say, all of these factors are connected to productivity.

Maximum productivity out of little resources is something that every Project Manager aims at.

However, to hit that goal, we need to wipe out the most common Resource Management hurdles that disrupt project efforts.


Resource Management Challenges you cannot ignore:

Project Resouce Management, Project Management Blog


1. Poor Resource Capacity Planning

Planning the resource capacity can skip last-minute delays. The capacity defines the resources available for taking up a specific task.

If you’ve delivered a project on time and within budget, you’re on the right track. A lot of organizations fail to outline resource capacity in the initial project phase; as a result, it’s difficult to plan resource allocation.

Resource capacity can be analyzed with resource tracking. Thanks to some all-purpose Resource Management with project management tools that can ease this challenge.

2. Conflicting Resource Priorities

How many times have you checked your team’s availability?

It isn’t wise to expect your team members’ attention while they’re in the middle of a task. Check the resource availability in advance.

We hope some of the below steps ease your resource priorities—

  • Prioritize your projects based on business value.
  • Identify urgent and important projects.
  • Access your personal bandwidth.
  • Keep flexibility with the project prioritization process.
  • Learn to say “NO”.

3. Resource Back-up

Having a Plan B can save you a lot of trouble when everything seems to go downhill.

But why do backups matter?

It’s not that resources will always be up for meeting your project requirements.

In times like this, creating a list of every possible risk and opportunity on tasks is the wisest approach.

Get your team to write down processes and procedures along with documenting. This helps you find greater clarity on how work management needs to be defined.

Let’s make this easier—

  • Check the volume of data that needs to be backed up.
  • Analyze the recovery time of getting the task within a time frame.
  • Gauge the projected growth rate after analyzing the anticipated recovery time of that project.

4. Unrealistic schedules and deadlines

Tight deadlines must be avoided at all costs.

Planning a specific deadline before the actual deadline can do wonders in meeting timelines.

  • Narrowing the focus and consistency in communication can get you back on track.
  • A project isn’t a task, and this is why a task should be broken down into separate sub-task.
  • You could also reverse engineer your tasks by moving backward from submitting.

5. Poor Documenting Resource Utilization

If you’re on a whim without examining incoming demands or analyzing the priorities, the project goals can face danger.

To resolve this issue, it’s essential to utilize the resources suitable to your needs.

It’s important to regularly document resource allocation and utilization.

A lot of organizations use lengthy spreadsheets that confuse the reader.

High-end projects require a project management tool that takes care of resource management challenges. Errors are inevitable but keeping a record can be used for enhancing workflow management.

Top 20 Resource Management Challenges Every Project Managers Need to Know

Resource Management Plan, Project Management Blog


  1. Limited Resource Availability: Ensuring that the right resources, including skilled team members, equipment, and materials, are available when needed can be a significant challenge.
  2. Resource Allocation Conflicts: Balancing the allocation of resources across multiple projects to avoid conflicts and overburdening team members.
  3. Competing Priorities: Managing competing project priorities and ensuring resources are allocated based on project importance and strategic goals.
  4. Skill Shortages: Dealing with skill gaps or shortages within the team, which can impact project timelines and quality.
  5. Resource Over allocation: Avoiding overloading team members with too many tasks, which can lead to burnout and reduced productivity.
  6. Scope Creep: Handling changes in project scope that require adjustments in resource allocation and planning.
  7. Resource Utilization: Maximizing resource utilization to ensure that resources are fully productive and not underutilized.
  8. Unclear Roles and Responsibilities: Ensuring that team members understand their roles and responsibilities, reducing confusion and conflicts.
  9. Dependency Management: Managing dependencies between tasks, teams, and external resources to prevent bottlenecks.
  10. Resource Forecasting: Accurately predicting future resource needs to avoid shortages or surplus resources.
  11. Resource Cost Management: Controlling resource costs within budget constraints and minimizing cost overruns.
  12. Resource Scheduling: Creating and maintaining efficient resource schedules that accommodate project requirements and deadlines.
  13. Communication Challenges: Overcoming communication barriers that can lead to misunderstandings and resource allocation problems.
  14. Resource Tracking: Continuously monitoring resource usage to identify issues and make necessary adjustments.
  15. Scope Changes: Adapting to changes in project scope and ensuring that resources align with the revised project objectives.
  16. Resource Retention: Retaining key team members and knowledge in the face of turnover or attrition.
  17. Resource Management Tools: Selecting and implementing effective resource management software or tools to streamline processes.
  18. Cross-Functional Collaboration: Collaborating with other departments or teams to secure resources outside of the project team.
  19. Resource Risk Management: Identifying and mitigating risks that can impact resource availability or project timelines.
  20. Resource Conflict Resolution: Resolving conflicts and disputes related to resource allocation and usage among team members.

Still, Dealing With Resource Management Challenges?

If you are still struggling to make the best use of your resources, you should consider subscribing to Orangescrum. It lets you streamline your resource allocation to ensure no team member is overloaded and no one is underused. This ensures that the project is delivered on time and with-in the budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I prevent resource over allocation in my projects?

To prevent resource over allocation, start with a comprehensive resource allocation plan. Clearly define roles, responsibilities, and project priorities. Use resource management software to track resource workloads and identify potential over allocations. Adjust assignments and timelines as needed to ensure a balanced workload for each team member.

What strategies can I use to handle competing project priorities effectively?

Handling competing project priorities requires clear project prioritization and communication. Establish a project prioritization framework based on strategic objectives. Regularly review and reprioritize projects as needed. Ensure open communication with stakeholders about project timelines and resource availability to set realistic expectations.

How do I manage scope changes without disrupting resource allocation?

Managing scope changes involves a change control process. When scope changes are requested, evaluate their impact on resources, timelines, and budgets. Use a change request process to formally document and approve scope changes. Communicate changes to the project team and adjust resource allocation accordingly to accommodate the new scope.

What are some best practices for resource forecasting to prevent shortages or excess resources?

Resource forecasting involves a combination of historical data analysis and future project planning. Regularly review resource utilization data to identify trends. Conduct resource forecasting based on upcoming project requirements and anticipated resource availability. Develop contingency plans for resource shortages and collaborate with HR to address resource gaps.

How can I enhance cross-functional collaboration for securing external resources?

Enhancing cross-functional collaboration requires building strong relationships with other departments and teams. Create a resource sharing agreement that outlines the terms and conditions for borrowing or lending resources. Regularly communicate resource needs with relevant departments and align resource requests with organizational priorities.

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