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How to Apply Productivity Tips to Build Smart Teams

Productivity, Project Management Blog
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Productivity for smart teams can be challenging, especially if they are working from home. Whether your team can be small or big, people from different backgrounds and cultures make it difficult to manage them.

Moreover, no matter how productive your team can be, remember they can’t give the best at all times.

But with planning and enough patience, you can improve the situation.


Productivity Solutions to Enhance Team Productivity.

1. Provide Tools to collaborate effectively

Work Productive, Project Management Blog

For any team to work productively, they must have the essential tools to make their work smooth.

Without the tools, your team might take more time and resources to finish the given tasks, affecting workflow and productivity.

As a team leader, you must ensure everyone has access to the tools required to perform their duties properly.

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The tools and software you provide to the team must have the following things:

  • User-friendly.
  • Work across platforms.
  • Time-tracking
  • Team collaboration.
  • Planning and scheduling.

Good Project Management software such as Orangescrum can ensure excellent communication and collaboration between team members.

2. Introduce an Incentive Program

Do More, Project Management Blog

Who doesn’t love incentives? Everyone loves them, especially your team.

Incentives are a proven way to encourage your team to get most of them and increase productivity drastically.

When you appreciate a team member with an incentive, it signals that the management is valuing them and makes them feel like an important asset, which is powerful.

In addition, It motivates the members and creates an environment where they can have a healthy competition with each other.

So make sure you have an incentive program in place, and the incentives can be money, vouchers, paid vacation, etc.

3. Set the Expectations from the start

Expectations From The Start, Project Management Blog

When you start a new project, things can be confusing on the responsibilities of the team members.

Share what the end goal of the project is and what you are expecting from each of them.

It’s important what needs to be done and can plan accordingly.

The team members need to understand why the target is essential and how it helps them grow.

Communicating with the team members improves productivity and avoids clashes within the team.

4. Set Achievable Goals

Achievable Goals, Project Management Blog

Spending time on many petty tasks will drain the energy; instead, define what’s important and prioritize those tasks first.

Here’s how you can do that:

  • Recognize the important tasks.
  • Break them into small doable tasks.
  • Allocate them to team members based on their skills.
  • Track their progress.
  • Evaluate the work.
  • And repeat the process until all the vital tasks are completed.

Breaking more significant tasks into smaller ones will make them seem achievable and easy to complete, reducing stress on your team.

5. Team Building Exercises

Your team productivity depends on how well they gel with others. Members can do that when they know each other strengths and weaknesses.

To improve the rapport between them, try team-building exercises such as the egg drop, scavenger hunt, game of possibilities, etc.

These team-building solutions will take away their stress and add some fun elements to the workplace. Moreover, it helps to clear any miscommunication among the team members and strengthens the bonds among them.

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6. Use Project Management software

The role of Project Management Software is undeniable in a company where collaboration and communication is the key.

Having the right software will ensure the flow and saves a lot of time and effort.

For example, Orangescrum is project management software that lets you manage teams, projects all in one place. The features such as task management, Kanban boards, Gantt charts, integrations, etc., make the work a breeze for your team.

Enhance your Team’s Productivity

Working with various people, even in the same team, can be difficult sometimes. You can only bridge the gap between members with effective communication and the right tools at your disposal.

Connect with Orangescrum Project Management Software and get your team productivity running!

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