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Top Virtual Team Building Activities to Benefit Your Remote Team

Top Virtual Team Building Activities To Benefit Your Remote Team, Project Management Blog
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Virtual Team building activities are an ongoing process of bringing remote teams. This collaborative environment helps build deeper bonds among teams just like a real office setting!

 According to the Gallup research, Virtual team-building activities lead to 41% lower absenteeism and 21% higher profitability.

Don’t you think this is a great way to increase employee performance rate?

Obviously, a high-spirited team leads to higher employee retention!

But what happens when 93% of our communication is non-verbal, especially now that teams have gone remote?

Orangescrum, Project Management Blog

According to the Marketer Insider group’s analysis, companies with high engagement employees earn 2.5 x more revenue than those who never engage!

Shifting from uninvited surprise desk chats, coffee/ smoke breaks, and monthly celebrations, to totally remote team activities, have put teams in isolation.

It is, therefore, essential to practice virtual activities in absence of face-to-face communication and body language gestures.


Virtual Team Building Activities help in unexpected ways!

  • Boosts Team Morale: Burnout and disengagement can cause de-motivation. Especially with remote working conditions, team bonding practices empower the team and make them feel valued.
  • Encourages Versatility and Innovation: Organizing team-building activities bonds expertise and resource skills in more than one niche. Virtual remote activities can eliminate the fear of consequences, gives flexibility to the team to make mistakes and learn.
  • Fostering Diverse Relationships: The best work culture is one that embraces diversity. Virtual team activities build connections among geographically distributed teams. They promote new ways of operating across boundaries through processes, technology, systems, and people.

Unique Virtual Team Building activities and ideas-

Did you know that nearly 87% of remote workers feel connected using video conferencing? Remote. co was right with these research results.

Leveraging the power of video conferencing can highly benefit remote employees and save them from triggers of burnout.

Gift Exchange

Gift Exchange, Project Management Blog(

Virtual gift unboxing over your favorite communication channel excites just about anyone! Works somewhat like “Secret Santa” even during an off-festival time. Team members get to randomly pick out a gift and earn $20 if they guess the right gifter! Bonus, isn’t it?

Think out of the box for many such gift exchange ideas to enhance your virtual team-building activities.

Team Wellness Challenge

Workplace Fitness Challanges, Project Management Blog

Hold up a challenge for a course of 3 months and foster remote team connections. Enhance long-term relationships with a wellness challenge on any collaborative channel with team members.

Maintain wellness activities and points for each one. Accomplishment pointers can instantly boost the dopamine levels of your team and get them motivated for team involvement!

Zoom’s Virtual Event Marketplace

Zoom, Project Management Blog(

What can get better than creating and monetizing your virtual experiences with an attendee count of up to 1000? on Zoom’s Freemium lets you opt for free virtual sessions.  Right from fitness classes to acting events, you’d rather gain more than your traditional office celebrations. With free and unpaid

Virtual Off-site Collaboration

Strategy, Project Management Blog(Source:

Missing off-sites? Team building activities aren’t just limited to leisure but also something that replicates an offsite feel.

Make the most of good collaboration software that is apt for getting remote teams together and discussing projects. All this, while providing an off-site feel!

Virtual events improve workplace collaboration and trust between teammates. They aim to enhance a remote workplace into a more enjoyable space to thrive on.

Looking out for a Virtual Team Building Platform?

Shedding the weight of remote work management has eased to great lengths, thanks to the variety of virtual events introduced to remote teams.

Now that we have virtual team activities in place, why not centralize collaboration?

Orangescrum, an all-centralized Project Management Software can help you grow connections, track progress, and strike meaningful collaboration.

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