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Product Update: Custom Fields for Tasks are Here!

Custom Fields For Tasks Is Here, Project Management Blog
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Hello, Orangescrum’ers! We are back with another update for you. Now users can create custom fields to add additional data to the tasks.

We are grateful to let you know that our team released custom fields based on your suggestions and requests.

To see your successful support towards our product, we have eagerly created a solution you have been wanting to have.

Once again thank you to everyone who ever contributed by suggesting and sharing their opinions regarding this feature.

Orangescrum has always been very cognizant of its customers’ needs and what would be best for them.

All the following updates are aimed to make Orangescrum more efficient and bring more simplicity to the project workflow.

In the recent past, we had released timesheet updates, resource skillset, and this time we come up with “Custom Field”.


What’s New: Custom Fields

Custom fields let you add additional data to tasks in your projects. You can create a custom field to capture more data for your tasks like URL, task number, any specific date related to tasks, cost, email, or anything else that’s important to your project, workflow, team, and company.

This allows individuals to have clarity on work happening across their projects.

Key Features

  • Create your own fields
  • Create a fields for specific business context that is available while creating a new project
  • Choose a field type
  • Enable field usage
  • Make your fields available for Task & task detail page by enabling custom field
  • Edit fields that have already been Assigned
  • Delete fields that have already been Assigned

Custom Fields Types

Single-Line Text Add single line text to capture names, location, etc in one line
Date Add a date using this field in the task
Number Add numerical numbers using this field in the task
Email Add email addresses using this field in the task
URL Add Web-Addresses using this field in task
Multi-line Text Add multiple lines texts to capture names, location, etc in one line

Types Of Custom Field, Project Management Blog



  • Max 5 no of custom fields are allowed for a task
  • Only Text, Date, number, email, URL data types are allowed

Plan your project with ease! Centralize your Projects, Tasks, and Resources in one place.

Till now we have released six logical custom fields and have the plan to release more fields in the coming future.

Tips before creating custom fields in Orangescrum

Limited custom fields – Users should be careful when creating custom fields in Orangescrum. As we allow 5 custom fields to be listed on create task popup.

Avoid duplicate custom fields – Don’t create duplicate custom fields with the same name as other custom fields. The unique custom fields will bring more clarity to your tasks.

Add relevant custom field details – Always try to add relevant data to the custom fields. Ex- If there is a custom field for adding an email address, then users must add the email address in that field rather than adding something else.

Make custom fields names generic – At the time of creating custom fields, the names must be generic as they should be understandable to all other users. For example, instead of naming a field “Mail”, name the field “Email Address” and provide the placeholder name as “enter an email address”. This brings more clarity to other users.

How to create custom fields in Orangescrum:

Add New Custom Fields, Project Management Blog

Go to the user menu > Project Setting > “Click” Custom Fields.

Click the plus icon on the top right corner Custom Field Button, Project Management Blog

From the “New Custom Field”

  • Select field type
  • Add field name
  • Add placeholder
  • Mark “Is required” if the field input is compulsory
  • Click on Save

Now when the users will create any new task, these custom fields will be listed on the create task popup.

Custom Fields On Task Popup, Project Management Blog

How to edit these custom fields:

You can edit a Custom Fields from the list grid.

Edit Custom Fields, Project Management Blog

Just click on the edit icon on the associated custom field and then make the changes accordingly.

Edit Custom Field Details, Project Management Blog

Where you can use the custom fields:

You can use Custom Fields to capture a task’s custom property values. Custom Fields created against any project are added automatically while creating a new task.

Custom Fields On Task Popup, Project Management Blog

Users can also edit the custom field values of a task by clicking edit task from the task list page.

On clicking the task edit icon one can edit custom field values. And the edited values of custom fields can be seen on the detail page.

Edit Custom Field Values, Project Management Blog

Advanced Custom Fields:

Actual task completion date – it will show the actual completion date of the tasks when it is marked as complete or closed the task
Duration of the task – It will show how many days/hours are needed to complete the task
Variation – Actual days it took to complete the task

These are the advanced fields, which have pre-defined logic. Here the only users need to select and add those fields in tasks.

What is Custom Fields in Project Management Software?

Custom Field Project Management Software helps teams by offering a free version of the software to teams that need help by incorporating an open app store model, which lets customers easily share and integrate their products and services.

Having online communities with topics that are essential to the success of each project. Integrating multiple data types in a single data field, allowing developers to focus on creative work.

Do not miss the opportunity!

Make the most use of Custom Fields in Orangescrum.

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Benefits of Using Custom Field Project Management Software Thinking outside the box with field project management software. 

Why should you use Custom Fields?

  • Visual Organization: A custom field creates a visual impact across your projects with multiple colors, numbering, and a key so that it’s easy to keep track of where things stand.

Custom fields make it easy for your team to track their work and prioritize it based on the information they’re needing to manage.

A custom field creates a visual impact across your projects with multiple colors, numbers, and a key so that it’s easy to keep track of where things stand.

  • Ease of Addition: Adding fields to your projects can be an easy task for teams with the time, workflow, and deadlines to remember. Custom fields make it easy for your team to track their work and prioritize it based on the information they’re needing to manage.

How do Custom Fields work for Projects?

After a custom field has been used to gather information from multiple projects, it is exported into one place. That one place is most often your Client Manager or your Production manager’s interface.

The other Project Managers will then be able to view the detailed Field Information for that project as it existed at the time of the submission. What does this mean for you as a Project Manager?

Whenever you submit custom fields, your clients will be able to see the amount of information that was given in the custom fields.

When it comes time to resubmit a Field Request, the client will be able to see the original Field Request, along with any modifications that have been made in response to feedback or available information at the time. How does this help you as a Project Manager?

What are the benefits of Custom Fields?

An individual can make a mark in the world: you can add timestamps to a task or create a task title that helps find the tasks that need your attention faster.

  • Simplify projects: make it easier for users to access information
  • Analyze project data: gain insights into current project status Manage teams efficiently: allow your team members to review projects and track changes
  • Streamline workflows: Shorten project timelines have the ability to add and modify fields that reflect your organization

As you can see, custom fields can be helpful for a variety of organizations.


Implementing custom fields in your project management software can make your processes much more efficient, useful, and structured.

Now, you can better track all of your tasks and get insight into what needs to happen next.

Take a look at how we made a simple project management system using a customized set of fields to see how powerful custom fields are.

So this is a sneak peek at our Product Update. But we won’t pause here. More surprises are on their way to improve your business productivity.

We’re as excited as you to have the custom field in our task planning and would love to see how things go and help with task planning.

Orangescrum gives unlimited storage for any number of projects to your whole team for free.

Orangescrum gives unlimited storage for any number of projects to your whole team for free.


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