How To Manage Your Remote Team Effectively

How To Manage Your Remote Team Effectively

Seeing the rise of digital entrepreneurs, it has come to a need to have virtual teams. Managing the remote team effectively to keep track of progress is a very big deal.

Then the question is;

How effectively manage those remote teams?

How to ensure that they are working on their assigned tasks perfectly?

How to motivate them for better performance?

Here I am sharing some knowledge to answer the above questions to help you in managing the remote team seamlessly;

#1: Encourage Transparency:

As a manager, be transparent.

Allow your team members to get involved in all aspects of the business. Organize meetings and let them know the company objectives and vision and allow them to resonate with that.

Erase the communication barrier. Now apps like Slack have emerged a lot for better communication in remote teams. This can be beneficial for your company as it breaks down the limits of the traditional workplace, like the geophysical location.

Don’t expect too much. Set your goal clear and focus.

# 2: Define Goals:

Always discuss with your remote workers what to do and what not to, which project or task they can and can’t perform remotely. Get the way how to manage their work if you are staying far away to them.

Do you prefer daily/weekly reports? Then go for the best time tracking options in a project management software. This can definitely help you to get all the updates wherever you are. You can track your team performance easily.

Hence it can be easier for you to set future goals.

#3: Adopt Clear Work Process

Walking through proper planning is the key to boost business productivity. If your team members are located all over the globe and handling different projects, then it is quite challenging to manage them efficiently.

This is the reason why most of the projects fail. So you need to plan properly and implement a project management tool.

Avoid setting unrealistic time limits which result to the poor quality of work and team member burnout. Using project management software you can check the real-time work of your team members.

#4: Prefer Project Management Tools:

Though remote working is the best solution for improving business productivity, it can also be difficult to manage sometimes.

So what’s the solution?

Use a project management software to track daily/weekly task status of your team members and bring them together.

Its time tracking feature can help to keep your employees on track. You can set clear objectives, review your team member’s performance, which in turn increases team productivity.

Timesheet software is now on demand. It helps team members to be more productive by showing their estimated vs. spent hour(s). A good time tracking tool never let your employees work overloaded.

Along with this, you can easily mark your billable/non-billable hour(s) and can charge your team’s true worth.

#Tip 5: Avoid Micromanagement:

For a healthy and dynamic work culture, it’s essential to make all your remote employees like sitting next to one another.

Set goals for your remote team make sure no micromanagement is required.

So that they can feel like, out of sight doesn’t mean out of mind.

#Tip 6: Grow Your Connection:

Extend your market width by attending different networking events and meeting new potential clients in those areas which can improve your business growth.

Allow your remote employees to connect with the local community of your company. Let them co-operate with them.


It’s really challenging to manage remote teams effectively. But if you are having good project management tools like Orangescrum, then definitely it can be just a piece of cake for you to manage your remote team.

With the help of Orangescrum, #1 task management tool, you can organize meaningful processes, monitor team activities, and keep projects on track.

However, the above mentioned simple suggestions could definitely help you to manage your remote team effectively. Follow these tips and get a group of hard-working and productive team members that would help you to reach the company vision sooner.

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