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Why You Need Time Tracking With Project Management

Why You Need Time Tracking With Project Management 1, Project Management Blog
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Once William Penn said, “Time is what we want most, but what we use worst”.

As an organization or business owner, you can relate to this easily. Based on research it’s found that “69% of people say that on most days, time flies by and they don’t track where they spent every minute or hour”.  From the productivity angle definitely, this is not what you expect.

So, the focus must be now on to get track who is doing what in how much time! Do you have any idea, if you don’t go for a perfect Time management, then what will happen?

While discussing with our existing customer and new users, I spent a lot of time to gather feedback on time tracking, what they need and what kind of problem they are facing in their daily life.

Most of them are not getting a clear picture of their project and task progress, some are not able to meet their project deadline who are managing their project with excel sheet and other tools which don’t carry the same feature. Team members are also not interested to fill the timesheet at Friday end.

Most project managers say,

Can I track my time without too much hassle?”

Am I monitoring my time accurately?

“My team members are working properly or not?”

However in general, small business owners and the avg. 9-5 persons are struggling with Time Management.

So what to do?

Thankfully, Time Tracking is there. Time Tracking is a key factor to understand how you generally spend your time business-wise or personally.

You can go for an automatic time tracking process. It doesn’t require to press time tracker’s start button whenever you would like to clock in or out. This enables you to remain centered on what you are working on.

So do you really need it? This post will help you to decide! But first, let’s tell you some of the benefits of TIME TRACKING in detail-


Benefits of Time Tracking with project management:

Better chance of meeting goals:

When it comes to deadlines, it’s always better to have things done a few hours earlier than a minute too late
– Shakespeare

Suppose your team is working on a project and you see that things are happening slower than expected. So what can you do? You can use the entire time entries in your time tracking tool to check where the team is lagging. Definitely, it will be easier for you to fix the issues and erase the unpleasant situation to meet the project deadlines.

Improved project estimation:

If you can track how much time each member takes on a task accurately, then you can enable right billable hours to a project having similar tasks.

If you carry a $4,000 budget for a project and probably it would take 250 hours to complete. From your previous project, you recalled that your web designer took 50 hours in a particular task while you thought it would take him/her 30 hours to complete. At that instant, you can adjust your total budget to fix estimates that are comparatively closer to reality.

Work overload can be avoided:

By estimating how much time your team members need on projects and specific tasks, you can avoid overloading work on them. Work overload creates unnecessary frustration and using this time tracking technique, you can avoid this.

Prioritizing vital tasks:

In a project, there are urgent tasks, important tasks, and non-essential tasks. You want your project team to focus on important tasks and take care of urgent problems. But some of them are the most urgent.

If you know how your team members are spending their time, then you can spot on if few of your employees are putting too much time on a non-important task. So it is important to let them know which should come first and what should be the task priorities. According to that, they can implement the project smoothly.

Increased productivity by avoiding time drains:

Time drains happen when a proper project management is not there. If you are managing time is a better way, then you won’t face any kind of time delay or time waste. Time tracking can help you to know how much time team members spend wisely and how much they lose due to unusual activities.

“51% of the projects weren’t completed on time, while 47% didn’t meet the original budget”
                                                                                                                                              – PMI research

So the above-described points are the major benefits of adopting time tracking. We believe, for a proper project management, time tracking plays a vital role. That’s why we came up with our own project management tool, Orangescrum to fulfill the needs.

Orangescrum Use Case:

Orangescrum is a project management and collaboration tool. With this amazing tool, we have introduced weekly and daily timesheets that allows you to enter the time spent on each task so that it will be easier for you to check how much time your team members are taking to complete a task or project.

What are the main benefits of Orangescrum Timesheet?

  1. Reconnect with your weekly goals and mission
  2. Schedule the major targets in advance
  3. By reviewing your schedule, it can eliminate the less important tasks
  4. Risk management can be improved by scheduling big rocks
  5. Provides accurate, reliable and actionable time tracking information
  6. Proper management of billable and non-billable hours

In daily Timesheet have a day-wise view to time log. You can check the total time spent for a particular day. This timesheet will genuinely help you to calculate how much time you are putting your efforts on a daily basis. Hence you can improvise your workflow according to that.

Daily Timesheet, Project Management Blog
(Daily Timesheet)

Being a project manager or leader, it is important for you to check how your resources logged time for a week. In Weekly Timesheet, you can get your weekly timesheet of each and every resource of your company.

This enables you to monitor and take corrective measures if any resource worked less or more over the week considering your company’s working hour. You can also pull out your timesheet report in PDF to share with your clients or stakeholders.

Weekly Timesheet, Project Management Blog

(Weekly Timesheet)

A proper plan development is the first step towards time management. Orangescrum timesheet’s smart Time Tracking feature allows you to check your own performance on a daily basis so that you can encourage yourself for improvement. You can track the total billable time spent on a task. The Orangescrum Timesheet feature is easy to understand and operate.

Over To You:

So you know very well, time matters a lot to us. So now, this is the best time for you to go for the most effective and simplest time tracking tool over there. So increase your Team Efficiency and Productivity with Orangescrum Time Sheet.

So how are you managing timesheets in your organization? Do let us know in the comment box below and share your thoughts on this post.

If you haven’t explored our Timesheet feature yet, do it now! It’s FREE!

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