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What’s New: Bug & Issue Reports Released

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Hello Orangescrummers! Recently we have released the Bug & Issue tracking feature underneath our product release. And this has been the center of attention for our tool since its release.

Many customers have come up with various comments and the overall response is encouraging for us.

Anyhow, this time we have come with another update underneath the Bug & Tracking feature, the “Bug Reporting”.

Let’s have a look at it in detail.


Update: Bug Reporting

On our previous release note, we have shown how you can add bug details, and how you can monitor the progress.

Now we have added a dedicated Bug Report dashboard that shows the bugs and their status.

To find this Bug report, go to the “Task Analysis Reports” section under the “All Report” (Report) page.

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We have divided the reporting view into 3 sections.

  • Bug Trend Chart
  • Bug Status chart
  • Bug Severity

All these sections provide the real-time analytical data of any selected project.

Bug Trend Chart

Bug Trend Chart, Project Management Blog

This section provides the daily-wise report stats for cumulative Opened Bugs, cumulative Closed Bugs, Total active bug trends.

Bug Status chart

Bug Status, Project Management Blog

Users can view the total number of New Bug, In-Progres, and Closed bug values on respective dates.

Once the team would resolve any new bugs, the total new bug value will be reduced instantly.

Bug Severity

Bug Severity, Project Management Blog

This section provides the bug severity values. In case if a bunch of new bugs added to the bug management system, this section categorizes the bug severity values. So, you can set priority to act against each bug.

Coming Soon

Zapier Integration

Zapier, Project Management Blog

Zapier integration will let you connect to other apps so that you can share your project information. You can even set up different tasks based on when something happens.

GitHub Integration

GitHub Integration With Orangescrum, Project Management Blog

The new Github Integration feature is already available in Orangescrum! With the enhancement, you can see your development code repositories, branches, code pull-push request, and their status under a task.

SSO Integration

SSO, Project Management Blog

Now you can enjoy a seamless SSO experience. That means no more repeated logins, so you can have a modern digital experience!


When you’re building a new product, it can be easy to miss a few bugs. Fortunately, there are a number of tools out there that can help you automate the reporting process.

A bug report should be clear, actionable, and simple to complete. If it’s not, then no one will take the time to fix or action the bug, which in turn will mean that no one will want to report bugs and we’ll all have buggy software.

Orangescrum offers a free two-week trial, so what are you waiting for? Upgrade your bug reporting and give it a go!


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