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Product Update: Zapier Integration for Orangescrum Released

Zapier Integration For Orangescrum Is Released, Project Management Blog
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?Hello Orangescrummers, here is the latest update for you. We have released Zapier Integration (Beta) for Orangescrum. Now get the benefits of flawless workflow within Orangescrum and other applications.

We know you’ve been waiting for this Zapier integration that we’ve had on our development pipeline for the least period of time. It’s finally here!

We’ve been working hard to offer the best service possible, and it’s working! We’ve had so many great customers who have supported us in our journey.

We’ve been listening to your feedback and we have a few new updates that will make Orangescrum even better!

These will be to make Orangescrum more convenient and bring you more simplicity in your project progresses.

Let’s get started on the integration process!


How to Make the Integration?

Before we get started, there are a few things we must know about Orangescrum and Zapier Integration.

You might want to know what kind of authentication Orangescrum uses?

Yes, Orangescrum uses API Key Authentication.

1. Create Zap

To create your Zap, you need to login into the Orangescrum dashboard and go to the Integration section on the right sidebar menu panel. And click on Zapier Connect.

1, Project Management Blog
You will be redirected to the Zapier Integration Page to generate the Integration API key.

2, Project Management Blog

Once you hit the “Generate Key” button a unique API key will be generated and will be shown.

3, Project Management Blog

Now move to the Zapier website. 

User Note: You must have registered to Zapier using the same email ID as you have registered with Orangescrum.

Go to the Zaps tab on the Left menu at your Zapier profile and click on “Make a New Zap”.

4, Project Management Blog

On the search bar, type Orangscrum to create App Event. You can find the Orangescrum (beta), and select that from the list.

5, Project Management Blog

2. Setup for Triggering Event

Triggering event is the process where the action is triggered from Orangescrm to other applications through Zapier integration.

Use Case:

We have released 3 triggering events within Orangescrum and Zapier integration module.

  • Create Tasks
  • Create Project
  • Invite Users

After choosing the appropriate triggering event, you need to click on “Continue”.

6, Project Management Blog

You will be asked to sign in to Orangescrum.

Put the email ID that you already registered in Orangescrum (on which you have generated the API key), put the API key, and click on “Continue”.

7, Project Management Blog

After this return to the Orangescrum Zapier integration Page. Under the generated API key, find and click on the “Activate” link.

8, Project Management Blog

After the activation, return to the Zapier website. You can find, the allocated Company list and Project at the “Company List” and “Project List” respectively.

9, Project Management Blog


Once you select your project company list and project name, the triggering action will be followed accordingly.


After creating the triggering event set up to “create a new task” successfully, when you would create a new task under the specific project (which is chosen at the time of setup), the triggering event will be processed.

If you created the triggering event to “create a new project”, once you would create a new project under the chosen company (at the time of setup), the triggering event will be processed.

3. Setup for Action Event

Action event is the process where the action made at the Orangescrum from other connected applications through Zapier integration.

To start the setup choose Orangescrum in the Action Event dashboard and continue.

10, Project Management Blog

Use Case:

As like the Triggering Event, we have released 3 Action events within Orangescrum and Zapier integration module.

  • Create Tasks
  • Create Project
  • Invite Users

After choosing the appropriate Action event, you need to click on “Continue”.

You will be asked to choose the Orangescrum account. After choosing the appropriate account now you have to select the Action values i.e. Companies and Projects.

Once you select your project company list and project name, the Action event will be followed accordingly.

After making the successful test turn ON your Zap.

12, Project Management Blog

What are the Benefits?

Zapier is like your personal assistant that you can control with the touch of a button. You can automate your day-to-day processes to save time and boost efficiency with all your favorite apps!

Simply set up the Trigger app with your information, and the Actions app where you want your data to go, and Zapier does the rest!

Setting up a workflow is as easy as pie! Once it’s ready, you can rest easy knowing that it’ll continue to work seamlessly as long as you need it.

You can now create a new Zap, and still, keep track of your information from the old software.

Left S, Project Management Blog

One platform for better teamwork.

Try Orangescrum


By using the Zapier application you can:

  • Save your time
  • Scale your business
  • Streamline your onboarding
  • Automate your business process
  • and many more

Coming Soon

We’re excited to share these big product updates with you! Beyond the Zapier integration, we will soon be releasing two more products.

Github Integration

GitHub Integration With Orangescrum, Project Management Blog

This integration feature will give you the full picture of your development code repositories, branches, and pull-push requests. It’ll even tell you the status of each one.


SSO, Project Management Blog

With seamless SSO, you can enjoy the modern digital experience without interruptions! You’ll be able to login to all your favorite sites with just one password, so you don’t have to worry about logging in and out.


Zapier is a perfect solution for any SaaS business that is looking to reduce customer churn. Customers are always a priority, and Zapier has the tools to help you track and close deals with ease!

Zapier’s work to make you more productive and efficient is as tedious as drawing water from the well every day.

But with Zapier, you can use automation to connect the well to your house, and we’ll do your manual labor for you – so that you can spend more time on interpersonal and logical tasks.

Zapier’s working system is a smooth operator that can help you automate virtually anything.

It caters to both professional and personal needs, making it the perfect choice for all your automation needs.

If you’re looking for a way to automate your complex workflows, then Orangescrum is for you. You can try it free of charge with no credit card required.

Share your experience with Zapier in the comments below. We can’t wait to hear how it works for you!


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