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Top Project Management Challenges that Need to be Fixed

Top Project Management Challenges That Need To Be Fixed, Project Management Blog
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Project management calls for chaos if you’re unaware of its challenges. Companies spend millions of dollars trying to handle project management challenges and issues.

According to a PMI report, for every $1 billion invested in a project, companies spend $109 million only on tackling Project Management challenges.

Common challenges of Project Management truly need a red alert right from the beginning!


Project Management Challenges you need to watch out for—

1. Project Scope Creep

The trend towards project scope creep is increasing upwards. This is, especially after 2017’s report citing 52% of project teams facing this issue.

Project scope creep tends to increase over a project life cycle.

What causes project scope creep and increasing project deliverables?

  • Lack of clarity to unrefined scope definition
  • Lack of stakeholder involvement
  • Inconsistency in collecting product requirements.
  • Project length

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How to tackle this Project challenge?

  • Stick to the initial plan.
  • Set up a time for accepting ad-hoc change requests.
  • Limit direct contact between clients and team members.
  • Work on high-priority deliverables

Reducing unwanted project deliverables smoothens workflow management for Project Managers.

2. Project Management Methodologies

It’s surprising to know that just 21% of companies have standardized project management systems in place!

No project management methodology is perfect.

For example, Dev Teams love Agile while some other IT teams are stuck on Waterfall methodologies.

With the constant juggling of project management methodologies, common Project management issues are bound to arise.

Issues with switching Project Management methodologies:

  • Targeting priorities due to many cross-functional teams.
  • Not getting a broad view for handling workload management.
  • Agile teams demand a different view, unlike other methodologies.

Project teams follow different methodologies that can cause confusion.

How to tackle this challenge?

  • Identify project priorities.
  • Determine the most relevant project management methodology with risks in mind.
  • Clear communication with key stakeholders.
  • Monitor and review a completed project.

Irrespective of a methodology, a Project Management Software must cater to your industry requirement.

3. Inaccurate Project Risk Management

A poorly defined risk management process can impact an entire project cycle.

Fore sighting a project with the end in mind can help ideate a project plan.

How to tackle this challenge?

  • Carving a contingency plan can ease a project management challenge. A project risk management system paves the way to mitigate risks that lie ahead.
  • Analyze pre-determined responses to problems.
  • Improve workflow management.

A solid Risk Management process will minimize the impact of troubling threats to a project.

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4. Teamwork Challenges

Too many people working on a project can lead to overlaps and redundancies and confusion.

While assigning responsibilities, Managers must foster accountability of tasks.

Resource management plays a crucial role in allocating resources apt for a given task. This is beneficial when hitting deadlines on time becomes the need of the hour!

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