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4 Task Management Pain Points you Cannot Ignore!

4 Task Management Pain Points You Cannot Ignore, Project Management Blog
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Task management pain points are definitely inherent components of any project. They’re best resolved when identified the right way!

You’d be surprised to know that nearly 12% of project failures take place due to unmet or unclear task dependencies. Ever wondered what could have caused this?

Ready for another shock?

44% of Project Managers are not even using the right Project Management Software!  How do you even expect to be guided in this case?

Have you been addressing the demands of every project?

Has multiple juggling of tasks got your head spinning?

Have you been missing deadlines?

Probably poor task management has taken up all your time!

It’s time to address the pressing challenges of task management.

Don’t worry! We’re here to soothe the wounds of your problem with Task Management.

All you need to do is focus on what gets your tasks go downhill.


4 main Task Management pain points that need your attention

1. Accepting Tasks from everywhere

As the title suggests, this has a lot to do with saying “NO”.

Once you realize the importance and urgency of a particular task, it becomes easier to prioritize.

Also, complicating a task comes from accepting requests randomly.

Here are some pointers that can help you relieve this problem:

  • Understand task priorities
  • Track your time
  • Keep ad hoc requests at a specified time

Staying in discipline can develop great task management skills! This can help save half your efforts spent on a single task.

Prioritizing is the key!

2. Undefined Project structure

Most of the complex tasks of project management are related to not adhering to a structure that brings project success.

What’s even more lethal is – not following or defining a project structure at the beginning of a project.

Multiple projects require a structure that is a blend of concrete plus a flexible framework involving—

  • Tasks
  • Sub-tasks
  • Resources

Define a project structure considering—

  • Your project objectives with the end goal
  • The expected project outcomes
  • Project milestones to be achieved within a timeline
  • A contingency plan

Try this tactic for once and resolve one of your crucial task management pain points!

3. Inappropriate Project Management Tool

The best Task Management Software offers a gamut of features according to the challenges of a project manager.

Some of the best features you could hunt for—

  • Multiple views of tasks like Kanban board, a Gantt chart, or Calendar.
  • A platform for Collaboration plus a platform to collaborate.
  • Time tracking per resource and task
  • On-time Customer Support that offers tutorials and resolves issues with ease.

Make use of the best Project Management Tool to manage time, team, and projects.

You’re in luck if your software smoothens your workflow management within stipulated deadlines.

The code is to kill your task management pain points with the right Task Management software.

4. Lack of communication

Communication is an underrated skill for many!

A surprising 32 % of professionals consider communication as the biggest issue of project management.

Have you conveyed your doubts and eased them by expressing them?

Communication in the project management world works in a similar manner. Miscommunication affects teamwork and causes conflicts too!

The solution to this?

Several collaborative and project management software keeps you updated with tasks. It also ensures greater transparency in projects.

Visit companies that offer their Task management app free for limited features that reap decent benefits.

Need software that addresses complex Task Management pain points?

How about a Task management system that helps soothe a project workflow?

Nothing like it if you could assign tasks according to the availability of resources in one glance!

Try Orangescrum to gauge if this is your best task management software for getting things done before time!

Give it a try right now!

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