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Top 10 Reasons- Why You Need Effective Resource Allocation

Top 10 Reasons Why You Need Effective Resource Allocation 1, Project Management Blog
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Resources are a significant part of businesses and organizations; one may argue that a business thrives on its resources. However, not all resources have the same set of skills or interests, which makes it important to have an effective resource allocation in place for businesses to reach their strategic goals.

Resource allocation is a process of planning, managing, and assigning resources with the right tasks to yield maximum productivity.

It can make a project manager’s work effective and significant. Even though it sounds like a lot of work, it is vital in delivering projects efficiently.


Why Do You Need Effective Resource Allocation?

1. Make Project Development Flexible

Organizations usually deal with multiple projects at-a-time which makes effective allocation of resources paramount for businesses.

Project managers must plan, and assign resources to projects to ensure a smooth project delivery.

Whether it is about just 1 project or 10 projects, if you are allocating resources properly, then you can handle them all without any hassle.

Actionable Steps to Create a Project Plan

  • Identify all stakeholders
  • Define roles and responsibilities
  • Start with a project kickoff meeting
  • Define project scope, budget, and timeline
  • Set and priorities goals
  • Define deliverables
  • Schedule projects on a collaborative calendar app
  • Conduct a risk assessment
  • Communicate the project plan across team members

2. Save money

Organizations with efficient resource allocation produce little to no waste of money. It lets you assess the performance of the team members thereby making it easier for project managers to assign suitable tasks to their resources based on their skills.

How Resource Planning Saves You Money?

  • Resource planning lets you avoid waste by letting you define just-in-time inventory.
  • Reduce over-resourcing and save tons of dollars for you and your customers.
  • Resource planning ensures your customers are getting what they paid for with no room for under-resourcing.
  • Improved customer satisfaction equals no refunds.
  • Good resource allocation lets you do more with less, and achieve more without paying for more resources.

3. Boost Productivity

The primary goal of putting in place efficient resource allocation practices is to increase work productivity.

If the team could accomplish project and task compilation before the scheduled delivery date without compromising the quality of work then you could certainly agree that you have reached a higher level of productivity.

Higher productivity further leads to reduced time loss, with no additional effort from the team members.

Resource allocation helps you to determine who has more workload and who is free at a given time. This way you can assign tasks to the available resources without much overworking.

Resource planning best practices to Increase Productivity

  • Obtain a realistic view of the demand and capacity of the resources.
  • Priorities work requests of the client
  • Set appropriate expectations from the available resources.
  • Estimate true resource availability.
  • Put the right resources on the right work at the right time.
  • Identify what roles and skill sets are required to fulfill stakeholder commitments.
  • Improve communication between resource managers and team members.
  • Connect analytics to create strategies for growth.

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4. Improve Time Management

Proper resource allocation enables project managers to efficiently determine how long it will take for a particular resource to complete an assigned task.

It can help you correctly estimate the hours of completion of the task. When you have the right resource to work on the right task without putting in additional effort or time, you can ensure the smooth success of your project.

Actionable Steps to Estimate Project Hours

  • Review project scope
  • Create a task list
  • Gather data for each task creation
  • Include external hours such as freelancers, contracted professionals, specialists, etc.
  • Include task revision hours
  • Add contingency hours to be able to plan for unexpected events

5. Improve Staff Morale

By allocating resources wisely, you can see who is leading and who is lagging. For the most part project managers are not equipped enough to accurately figure out which team member is putting in how much effort.

But if you are allocating your resources wisely you can identify the areas of improvement such as which resource is lagging and which ones are leading.

Moreover, who is taking more time to complete a project with respect to the scheduled time?

Filtering out these factors will enable team members to work efficiently without having to overwork or underwork thereby increasing their self-confidence and morale.

How Resource Planning Improves Staff Morale?

  • Resource planning improves communication and collaboration
  • Resource planning reduces burnout thereby increasing employee retention
  • Forecast when you need more resources by tracking workload demand
  • Resource planning reveals growth opportunities and monitors engagement

6. Predict the future project plan

Right resource allocation will assist you to identify the next course of action for your project.

It will help you estimate the number of resources you need to accomplish a particular task which in turn makes it easier for you to assign tasks as per their availability.

After assessing the project requirements and deadlines project managers can effectively assign the right task to the right team members and can set the right priority for the assigned task.

This enables the team members to accomplish their project task on time if not beforehand.

The project can be completed without much hassle and the future planning of the project can be done flawlessly.

Top-Down Analysis:

Top-down estimates is a process in which the project as a whole is scrutinized first before delving into the finest details. This involves breaking down the scope of work into manageable chunks and assigning estimated resources to each phase of the project development based on past project executions and knowledge gained from similar projects.

Bottom-Up Analysis:

Bottom-up estimation involves breaking the project down into individual tasks and then estimating resources for each task based on their complexity and how long it will take to accomplish.

6 Estimation Techniques That Are Worth Their Weight In Gold, Project Management Blog

(source –

What-If Analysis:

What-If analysis is a powerful tool for resource estimation where possible scenarios for a project are designed and then resources are assigned to each scenario of the project based on some assumptions such as factors impacting the project, external influences as well as resource availability.

7. Strategic planning

When a company strives to reach its vision and goal, resource allocation plays an important part to facilitate the proper execution of tasks by resources that can help you achieve and fulfill your specific project needs.

So the ultimate vision and strategic goals can be achieved effectively by eliminating existing risks.

8. Manage team workload

If one or some of your projects are running over schedule and you need to adjust the team’s workload to deliver the project on schedule you need to have a comprehensive idea of how much task is assigned to which resources.

This enables you to adjust the team workload to deliver the project without any obstacles. Now you can rearrange the task to balance the workload and no one will get overloaded.

Left S, Project Management Blog

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9. Maintain an accurate time log

Knowing exactly how long it takes for the team members to complete the task is as important as running other aspects of the project efficiently.

Sometimes team members run out of actual working hours. In cases like this business growth suffers a big loss.

Therefore by allocating resources, you can derive a comprehensive view of the actual time a resource took to complete a task and how much more time they need to complete the rest of the project.

10. Eliminate the risk

Proper resource allocation facilitates project members to effectively identify the potential risks beforehand and can bring an unprecedented level of accomplishment to the project.

By taking such preventive actions, you can eliminate all the risks and will be able to complete the projects on time.

Wrapping Up

Now it is clear that resource allocation is a must-have practice to achieve your business’s full potential. Proper allocation of resources is vital in project management as it offers a clear report on the amount of work that needs to be completed and the number of resources to allocate to achieve it in a given time.

Effective resource allocation and resource management helps you to get a clear insight into the teams’ progress by allocating the right time to every team member.

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