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Orangescrum Learning Series: How to Generate Invoice for your Customers?

Generate Invoice For Your Customers 3, Project Management Blog
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Create, Download and send Professional Invoices with Orangescrum

We live in a digitally overwhelmed world where for every task we spin an app, a tool or whatever is available without realizing in the end it is “us” who has to manage them all.

And true to this, most organizations manage their time and invoicing in disparate tools at times with minimal interaction between the two.

Needless to mention the commotion this creates when it comes to maintaining transparency with your contractors, 3rd party vendors, partners, technology service providers and most importantly your customers.


How to Generate an Invoice in Orangescrum?

Unless you have visibility on your time spent, you cannot bill your clients. Simple!

Time log entries in Orangescrum are directly linked to the Invoice thereby auto- generating Invoices without missing a single billable minute. Every minute spent is linked to the cost and rightly so.

Orangescrum lets you define billable and non-billable work that augurs well for transparent invoicing. You can also have your clients be part of your project management in Orangescrum boosting customer confidence.


Time Logs, Project Management Blog


In a way you build invoices while you track time. All you do is select, generate and send.

No wonder Benjamin Franklin was right – Time is Money!

Quickly and effortlessly you get thing done in less time. No extra manpower or wage and no loss of time.

With Orangescrum’s Invoice feature, billing and invoicing gets easier than ever. In no time, you will be able to create and add invoice items from your projects save it to your system, print it or send it to your clients.

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What you’ll get in Invoice feature?

With the billable tasks, you can generate a new invoice or you can update an existing invoice. Once you select “Create Invoice” you will be taken to the invoice edit page. On that page, you need to enter the following details:

Invoice #: Its shows your Invoice number

Terms (of Invoice): Is it Due on Receipt, Net 15, Net 30 or Net 60 terms of the invoice?

Billing from: Mention your Address/Company Details

Customer: From the Manage Customer tab, you can create your customer list. You can create from the invoice edit page as well. It will have the Name, Email id, Customer’s organization name & address. And very important, you can define the currency to be used in invoice for the customer here.  

Add Custome In Invoice, Project Management Blog

Note: Customer listed here in the Manage Customers tab can’t login to Orangescrum unless they’re invited to Orangescrum. You can create unlimited number of customer in Orangescrum for your invoices.

Invoice Date: It shows the invoice created date

Due Date: This is to let you know your customer the due date of your invoice payment.

Billing To: This will auto-fill the address of the customer once you select the Customer.

Task with Rate & Quantity: with the selected task, you can add as many tasks here for the invoice. Quantity here shows the “time spent” in hour for the task and the Rate is the hourly rate for that task. You can define the default invoice rate from “Settings”.

Discount Type: You can provide discount to your total amount, either in percentage or flat discount.

Tax%: Add the tax % to your invoice.

Message Displayed on Invoice: Is there any message for your customer? Remember, the customer can’t have pay option in the Orangescrum invoice. It is just a PDF, so you can add your Bank information where the customer can pay/transfer the amount.

Memo: You can mention the memo if any here.

Invoice Edit Page, Project Management Blog

Invoice Activities

Once you create the invoice you can see the invoice activities of the invoice at the bottom of the invoice edit page. It will show the detail information of when it was created, updated, sent or paid.

Invoice Activities, Project Management Blog

Manage your invoice

Once you generate your invoice, you can manage it from the invoice tab. You can send the invoice to customer, delete, mark as paid, download & print the generated invoice. Once you mark as paid, later you can analyze who has paid or who doesn’t have paid your invoice yet.

Invoice feature allows you to easily create and send accurate invoices to your customers and build trust. It also

  • Helps you save time and get paid faster
  • No accounting/human errors
  • Personalize & enrich your customer information
  • Choose your currency and applicable tax
  • Download invoice details in PDF
  • Send invoices directly from Orangescrum

Invoice Dashboard

The dashboard gives you complete picture of tasks for both billable and unbilled time. Clarity on tasks associated with billable hours, description, resource details with the start and end time. You will also be able to see hours spent by each resource on each task.

Invoice, Project Management Blog

Orangescrum Invoice makes it easy for business owners to stay organized and save time with Orange scrum’s invoice feature.

Bringing it all together

Use Orangescrum’s thoughtfully crafted integrated features to take control of your business and projects in a simplified manner.

Get more done in less time.

Make your clients and your team happy.

Keep it simple and professional.

Work smarter. Get paid faster!

Let us know your thoughts on invoicing features you would like to use.

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