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How to Improve Time Tracking in 3 Days

How To Improve Time Tracking In 3 Days, Project Management Blog
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Tracking time is like tracking calories. Prioritizing your consumption brings jaw-dropping results, be it food or time. At times, even 24 hours aren’t enough for completing tasks and having fun. The answer to this lies in time tracking. Time tracking aids in providing visibility for work estimate accuracies.

The key motive of time tracking should aim at balancing our personal and professional lives. However, stringent boundaries are essential for work-life balance. Therefore, it’s best to allocate your precious resources in the right places.

Release yourself from the clutches of unnecessary habits to transform your time tracking efforts in less than a week.

Yes, this is definitely possible!

Significantly improve Time tracking in 3 days

1. Categorizing Time

Did you know that an employee spends nearly 2.6 hours every day reading and replying to emails?  To make it worse, 40% of employees don’t track the spent time. This untracked work time costs companies $52,500 per employee that use timesheets to charge clients.

Studies also cite that U.S. companies run in losses with a revenue loss of $8.8 billion every day due to untracked time.

All of these stats hint at one thing—it’s never wise to put all your eggs in one basket.

What we also mean is, labeling your time in categories makes it easier to gauge every hour spent.

Make your data meaningful by labeling each entry. Think of the areas you’d like to devote your time to.

Smart Time Tracking for Projects can be categorized into 7 Time Categories—

  • Execution tasks
  • Meetings
  • Filling timesheets
  • Email checking & replying
  • Ad-hoc work
  • Breaks
  • Leisure activities

Determine your ideal allocation of time with 24 hours in mind. For example, execution tasks serve as a major time-eater of the 24 hours.

This technique can also be used to get a better understanding of where the time is spent at work. Simply change the groups to divide the workday into different types of activities.

Time Management is all about choices. It involves a lot of project planning, task completion, and results to deliver. Thus, categorizing is the first step to managing time.

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2. Identifying Time Tracking tools

A well-known quote by Peter Drucker states “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it”. This indicates the necessity to integrate time tracking with project management tools.

Using a tool triggers stress, especially if you’re not tech-savvy. Getting help with the basic setup of a time tracking tool to manage projects saves a lot of time. A project time tracking tool will give you insights into your time wasters.

Tracking without micromanaging makes an excellent time tracking software. This, because maximizing productivity is the main idea behind owning a time tracking tool.

Dozens of time tracking solutions can help monitor daily and specific tasks that need attention.

Factors to consider when choosing Time Tracking Software

  • Choose a time tracking solution with a free plan geared to a single user.
  • Pricing plays an essential role to establish monetary comfort.
  • As you monitor employees, the demand and requirement for a time tracker will be clear.
  • Built-in features that enabling Project team Time Tracking.
  • Label each activity of users as “Active” or “Inactive” on respective tasks.
  • Fully customizable fields to clock out per employee that later pulls into reports.

Adding Time Entries

Filling out a project time tracking template will reveal a lot about failures in project milestones. Attendance monitoring, for example, can determine absent workers that impact project objectives.

Automating employee attendance and absence provides solutions to generate timesheets and invoices.

Log your time in 3 ways—

  • Timer
  • Time Entry
  • Timesheet

Set hourly tracking

Avoid micromanagement by keeping a tab on your hourly activities. Make a list of minor issues that tend to distract attention from priority tasks.

Organizing an hourly system can save a lot of time. After all, it’s the productivity that counts. The efforts truly deserve justice to hit those productivity levels.

A Project Management software can display hours spent by you based on:

  • Task
  • Project
  • Employee

Tracking individual tasks allows you to manage the workflow without micromanaging employees. Also, tasks that go over budget appear to go behind schedule.

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Just as UK-based Cutmec Group’s CEO, Kuda Msipa appreciated Orangescrum to ease cumbersome tasks with a simple collaborative tool. He especially found Orangescrum’s features with invoicing that offered a value-added edge to complicated projects. It’s no surprise that the tool also curbed time tracking challenges to skyrocket productivity.

Time monitoring at the task level can also assist you in estimating and budgeting similar tasks in future projects.

Setting up the right tool can help in the strategic distribution of work. These helps in identifying team members with downtime and identify overworking employees.

3. Time Tracking Bottlenecks

Employees can unknowingly waste time on redundant tasks and projects that don’t hold much priority. Most managers identify a bottleneck only when work piles up or projects miss the deadlines.

Unaddressed bottlenecks can lead to dissatisfied customers and clients. This can result in overworked employees, wasted time, and lost sales.

How to work this out?

  • Delegate tasks by analyzing resource availability
  • Create time reports and timesheets that offer a quick review of tasks worked on.
  • Eliminate inefficient processes within your project
  • Monitor time-consuming tasks
  • Compare time-consuming tasks with the budget, project scope, and industry standards
  • Stick to specific goals that require attention

Identifying bottlenecks reveal pressing issues involved in completing a project. The data extracted out of tracking helps in creating a concrete process to hit project goals.

4. Analyze the Results

Bottlenecks can be tedious. Identifying issues and analyzing their performance completes the process.

But what makes your analysis a sure-shot winner?

Hour Spent Report

To analyze results, tally up the total hours in each category, export to excel or google spreadsheets to estimate a percentage graph of performances. An exceptional time tracking software includes features that :

  • Analyzes remaining actual hours vs estimated hours of the project within a specified time range.
  • Total hours spent on each task category.
  • Total hours spend by each resource through figure-based chart within selected time range.

The best part is that it eases remote team tracking efforts too.

Instead of having your boss constantly looking over your shoulder, an automatic tracker can help analyze results and curb the employees’ attempts to multitask. It also helps to focus on the tasks at hand.

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Time Tracking with Orangescrum

Implementing the correct ways of time tracking as above can bring justice to your time.

Accurate time tracking can help businesses from unanticipated money drips. This also helps improve employee productivity. Also, what’s better than gaining more insights into our work processes.

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