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How to Enable Transparent Time Tracking for your Employees

How To Enable Transparent Time Tracking For Your Employees, Project Management Blog
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As a project manager, are you still chasing your team for project time tracking?

Every employer knows that time management is very important for productivity. But it always depends on the employees to make it transparent.

What isn’t tracked can’t be measured or improved!

As per the report of statistica, an untracked working environment could cost $7 million in a day in the USA.

And why do they not want to time-track? They say..

  • it will be time-consuming
  • gathered information are not useful
  • they think management is spying
  • their poor performance will be highlighted
  • their work cannot be sufficiently measured
  • and many more excuses

Painful isn’t it?

Still, we can motivate the employees to track time and can enable its benefits for personal and professional growth.

Let’s start with;


What is Time Tracking?

Simply put, time tracking is a mechanism that project managers and employers use to track the work of their team members for multiple purposes. Like billing, payroll, operations, etc.

Organizations deploy time management software to simplify the overall process. These software help employees to be more organized and efficient and increase overall productivity.

Time tracking software have proven to help save both time and money

How to plug these tools into your working culture?

Clarify the Benefits:

Speak to your team and let them know why they need it. Here you as a project manager or employer need to be with your team to specify your purpose and benefits behind time tracking

Explain time tracking is for their best interest, like;

  • ensures work is allocated equally
  • protects against work burnout
  • helps to track overtime
  • also explains the extra work capacity
  • helps to identify the inefficient workflow and bottlenecks
  • highlights the work distractions
  • helps identify tasks that consume more time
  • transparency over project progress
  • helps for effective task scheduling


Integrate with Each Workflow:

By integrating time tracking within your project workflow will prevent manual error prone reporting and efforts.

Additionally, incorporating time management into team workflows makes task management more visible.

Still, you have to make it easier to do by integrating the right tool.

The time management module may not provide the expected result until both employees and the employers do not ensure their mutual respect.

Sometimes the team members feel that the time tracking is hurting their privacy.

But this is not the real fact.

Employees should feel comfortable offering to track their time so the project manager can cultivate an open and hassle-free working culture.

Be Open and Transparent with your Employees

When the time management is processed, there will be a learning curve. So the organizations must ensure proper training to get people involved in it and increase adoption.

Once a time tracking culture is established, the business gets precious data that they can use to improve business processes and workflows.

Then encourage team members to share feedback about time tracking.

  • What can make it better
  • don’t forget to time track per task
  • talk about how to optimize workflows
  • ask about how value-based pricing is better than hourly billing

It is important to witness the benefits of the time tracking culture by your employees. Once they start seeing a rise in their efficiency, they will act accordingly.

Showing you think about their comfort and wellbeing means they will adopt time tracking in no time at all.

Why Time Tracking Matters

Honestly, motivating the employees is a tough job.

But giving them a thorough idea of how they and the organization can benefit will do a world of good. Building trust and gaining confidence in the initiative is crucial.

This way, each team member will look forward to maintaining it, instead of considering it as a compulsory evil.

By using the right tool, companies can correlate valuable data, competence, and employee output to optimize their operations and refine their vision consistently.

For straightforward time management, Orangescrum allows companies and workers to be fruitful at exceptional levels.

Orangescrum Time Tracking

Orangescrum is a popular & easy to use time tracking software.

It has many useful features such as agile project management, task management, resource management, time tracking, and comprehensive collaboration.

Customers have maintained that they have seen at least 30% productivity rise with Orangescrum.

Time Management, Project Management Blog


It’s never too late to make the right decision. It’s time to improve your employees’ productivity.

Integrate Orangescrum in your work process and set a culture in place right away to assist employees to yield better results.

With the use of time management software, project teams are able to

  • See where their teams spend the most of their time
  • Identify non value add tasks
  • Increase billable hours
  • Invoice accurately
  • Complete projects on time

Started with Orangescrum’s Time Tracking capabilities today with a 15 day free trial. Signup Today!

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