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How On-premise Project Management Software Can Help Construction Companies?

On Premise Project Management Software Can Help Construction Companies, Project Management Blog
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Digital tools have revolutionized the construction industry empowering companies to increase sales as well as decrease expenses. Project management software for construction companies enables teams to stay connected and updated on the latest developments of projects.

Innovative construction project management software can empower companies to organize, plan and estimate project costs as well as share among other workers to improve their plans.

A well-designed project management software provides features that can enable construction teams to make better decisions, manage budgets, schedule jobs, control costs, communicate effectively, measure project progress, maintain timesheets, and automate many such manual and paper-based tasks using a unified digital platform.


Effective Project Management for Construction Companies

Project management software for construction companies enables managers to develop and adopt systematic approaches to derive the best plan for their construction project; this enables staff to ensure that every project goes according to the plan.

Using project management software like Orangescrum construction teams can create professional RFIs, transmittals, submittals, send business letters directly to the inbox, request changes, collaborate with clients and subcontractors, and manage many such tasks involved in project management with ease.

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Project-Related Documents Storage and Sharing

Construction companies develop and handle a large number of paperwork every day. Manual management and sharing of documents often lead to mishandling.

Many construction companies still follow the old-school way of doing things which typically consisted of sharing files and documents manually which would usually be stored in a filing cabinet.

Today, however, with the advent of project management apps workers can store and retrieve data from integrated cloud storage.

It makes easy tracking and management of documents online which makes other processes such as accounting easier for the construction teams involved.

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Store, Access, and Share Project-Related Information Online

All documents related to the project are stored on a single platform thereby enabling essential information to be accessed in a few clicks. There is little chance of losing documents stored on on-premise platforms.

Moreover, audit log records can easily display when and by whom the documents were created and modified.

The on-premise software management system provides a methodical way of keeping track of paperwork and tracking important issues. Members who are part of the project can check the status of the task such as open, work-in-progress, completed, etc.

Project leads can easily retrieve information when needed just by referring to the construction project management software.

Risk Assessment and Cost Control

Scattered paperwork makes it cumbersome to identify risks in a project. Online management of files and documents is an important part of any construction project.

It enables project managers to identify and assess risks with more clarity and implement methods to mitigate those risks faster.

Project cost management is essential to make any project a profitable endeavor. Businesses can leverage construction management software to reduce paperwork and locate important documents remotely.

Moreover, project managers can restrict access to make files and documents accessible only to authorized personnel.

Resource Management

Project management software for construction industries aligns all resources and tools utilized in the construction as well as coordinates between project workers to maintain project progress timelines. This saves more time to increase work productivity.

At a more granular level, project management software can also help contractors organize the everyday allocation of tools and equipment, staff, and materials, as well as track their usage in real time.


Being on-premise software, project management software can be customized to meet business goals and fit into existing business functions.

It’s because there isn’t a standardized template to work with, construction companies can customize their workflows to best meet their needs.

Construction companies have in place their own unique process, and we create solutions to meet those needs by tailoring their software to complement their unique process. This leads to faster deployment of projects and faster company growth.

Join 10,000+ Project Managers Who Manage Their Work Using Orangescrum

Top Challenges Construction Companies Face When Adopting a Software Solution

  • Contractors need a wide array of options to integrate software solutions
  • They need an automated system to execute recurring work of entering the same data over and over again.
  • Inefficient software fails to help contractors analyze productivity
  • Contractors mostly face issues related to data integration
  • Ineffective software solutions make it difficult for users to adopt
  • Construction workers have an inadequate working knowledge of software
  • High cost of software
  • Poor support from software service providers
  • Inability to customize software


Although choosing on-premise construction project management software is challenging because not all Project management tools provide the unique requirements of construction companies.

It is not the question of which on-premise project management software is best but rather which one is the best for your project. Construction companies should choose a software solution such as Orangescrum that best aligns with their workflow, project requirements, and budget. Get started with Orangescrum 15 days trial.

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