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How to Create Project Plans in Orangescrum

How To Create Project Plans In Orangescrum, Project Management Blog
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Project Plans are an essential stepping stone towards building and delivering a successful project.

Instead of quantity, the focus is on the qualitative objectives that will be achieved in a timely manner.

Project plans are your blue prints that guide your project from concept, execution to delivery. They act as the radar to keep the team focused on the tasks at hand & stick to the project scope.

More importantly, project plan help with

  • effective resource allocation
  • better effort estimation
  • well-defined task relationships
  • clarity around key project objectives and or milestones
  • early identification of risks

Want to create project plan with Orangescrum

Get More Done With Orangescrum, Project Management Blog


An Ideal project management tool should be capable enough to make your work easier, save time by automating Project management processes & end to end task, time & resource tracking.

Every organization has its own set of tasks which remain commonacross projects. In such cases, it is tedious & time consuming to create those tasks repetitively for every other new initiative.

Project Plan is a feature that allows you to have your project templates defined for your most common projects. You can create as many custom project plans as you need & reuse them forever.

The tactical Project Plan advantages:-

  • Reinforce Project Management best practices
  • Provide greater visibility of the overall project
  • Standardise and streamline well established processes
  • Prevent omission of crucial tasks & project activities
  • Increase team coordination &productivity

A project plan in Orangescrum helps Project Managers & Project Coordinators define each and every activity as identified in their project management plan.


“The Project Plan in Orangescrum is your Project Template.”

In broader terms, the flow of defining project plans in Orangescrum would be

  • To breakdown your project into multiple (as many) task groups as required.
  • Task Groups as understood from the name are your high level milestones, project phases and modules.
  • You can add unlimited tasks, subtasks and sub-subtasks under each task group.
  • Perform task classification and categorization using task types and task labels.
  • Assign resources to these tasks, define estimated hours & set priority

Thus your project plan is ready end to end with a robust work breakdown structure, ready to be added or imported into a project and begin execution.

Let’s take a look at how you can create project plans within Orangescrum for effective task management and collaboration.

How can I create a Project Plan?

  • Navigate to More>Project Plan from left panel.

Project Plan, Project Management Blog

  • On the Project Plan page, click Plus, Project Management Blogto create a Project Plan.
  • Provide your Project Plan name and click on Create.

Create Project Template, Project Management Blog

How to build your Project Plan?

Once you have created your project plan, you need to create task groups,tasks & Sub-tasks under Project Plan. These task groups & tasks will automatically be added while you are creating project with Project Plan.

In order to add task group & tasks to Project Plan, you can follow the below steps:-

  • Click on name of specific Project Plan from the Project Plan list.

Project Plan List, Project Management Blog

  • Click +Quick Task Group to create a task group. Provide task group name, description and click Save.
  • Under the specific Task Group, you can addtasks by clicking+Quick Task under it.
  • Provide a required description, Task Type, Task Priority etc. and click Save.
  • Similarly you can create Subtasks, Sub-sub tasks by clickingbeside the specific parent task. Refer image below.

Project Plan Creation, Project Management BlogYou can also import the tasks to the Project Plan by using CSV files. Follow the below steps-

  • Click on the name of the specific Project Plan from the Project Plan list.
  • On the Project Plan detail page, click Import Task.

Project Plan Task, Project Management Blog

  • Click on Download the Sample File and in the sample file, provide the required data under specific columns.
  • Please make sure you have added the data in the prescribed format as mentioned in the tool.
  • Once the file is ready, click Attachment, Project Management Blog to attach the file and click Continue.

Import Project Plan, Project Management BlogOnce you have added all the tasks &sub-tasks, the project template will look as follows-

Project Plan Tasks, Project Management BlogHow can I create project using Project Plan?

Once you have created the Project Plan, you can reuse this Project Plan for other projects.

For new projects

In order to add this Project Plan to a new project, you can follow the below steps:

  • Click +Quick Links. Under New column, you can find Project
  • You can also select theCreate Project button on the desiredProject Plan card on the Project Plan listing page.
  • Provide project name, short name, priority, project template, workflow, default task type details.
  • Further select the specific Project Planin the below highlighted field.
  • Once required information is given, click Create.

Create Project, Project Management Blog

Once the project is created, you will be able to see that the tasks defined in the Project Plan have been auto-created along with the project.

Task List View, Project Management Blog

Task Group View 1, Project Management Blog

For existing Projects

You can also reuse the Project Plan for existing projects. In order to do so, you need to follow the below steps-

  • Navigate to More>Project Plan from left panel.
  • Under specific Project Plan card, select Add to Project button.

Add To Project, Project Management Blog

  • Select the specific project to which you want to add the template & click on Add.

Add To Existing Projects, Project Management Blog

Wrapping it up

Project Plan in Orangescrum has been designed to help project leaders & project managers alike to replicate established project management processes.


The key objectives are to ensure, there is:

  • greater adherence to the project scope and plan
  • prevent bottlenecks
  • plug process leaks
  • save time from repetitive manual processes
  • improve team communication and collaboration

Start today by bringing your project plans into Orangescrum. Signup Now!


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