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Benefits and Challenges of Resource Planning in Project Management

Benefits And Challenges Of Resource Planning In Project Management, Project Management Blog
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Resource planning is the backbone of a project and a business. It can be anything from people to machines to equipment. Resources are everything you need to deliver your services.


What is Resource Planning?

It is a practice or process by which tasks are allocated to human and non-human resources in such a way that it maximizes the efficiency of the resources in hand while improving outputs.

Resource planning helps to assign the right tasks to the right person in the right time, so that you can deliver the required outputs in the right time without any delays.

It isn’t easy and it’s one of the most challenging things in project management, and has some top benefits of resource plan in project management.

Benefits And Challenges Of Resource Planning, Project Management Blog


Resource Management is all about maximizing team’s efficiency. It has both strategic and tactical advantages.

While you need a well-oiled machine to churn efficient deliverables you also need to look ahead on your company’s vision and growth path.

Resource planning helps identify gaps in terms of skills, quantity, and if you have the right resources to fuel your vision. And if not done well, you also risk losing out your high performers putting your existing and future projects in jeopardy.

Having a holistic view of your resources and aligning them for the road ahead is a must.

All in all, resource planning is all about looking forward!

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