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What’s new: Project Filter, New Enhancements, and Bug Fixes Released

Whats New Project Filter New Enhancement And Bug Fix Released 1, Project Management Blog
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Hey Orangescrummers! It’s great to tell you about a new feature for our platform, “Project Filter.” We’re pleased to hear that it’s something you’ve been requesting, especially when it’s one of your customers requesting it.

We optimize our suggestions based on your feedback and customize them to your unique requirements. With us, you’ll be successful!

We are grateful to our customers for contributing to this article, and we welcome comments about it.

Orangescrum has the perfect solution for you, whether you want to work with an item that takes into account your requirements or one that is more sensitive to customers’ requirements than anyone else.

We’re always interested in learning what is appropriate for our clients like you.

Last time, we released the “Plan vs Actual” report, which gives you a quick overview of your team’s and project’s ongoing performance or statuses.


What’s New – Project Filter

We have released the Project Status filter for all users. Here users can filter the status as per the requirement.

Filter Dropdown View, Project Management Blog

The filters are available as:

  • Project Type – You can filter the project type using this filter. Users can add the Project Type when they submit project details.
  • Project Status – By Appling this filter, users can able to filter the projects by their statuses i.e. Started, Stack, Paused, On-hold, and Completed.
  • Client – The user can also filter the project as per the client’s name.
  • Project Manager – Users can filter the projects as per the assigned project managers

Add comment once the user Replies from Mailbox

Each time any comment has been posted by using the @mention feature underneath a task or subtask, the same comment instantly triggers the user’s email.

Same, once the user replies to the same email, Orangescrum post the same reply as a comment on the task details page.

No need to be hassle between email and application.

Create a New Task once Reply to the “Daily Catch Up” email

Orangescrum ensures this project management application suits businesses of any size, to keep them organized; to effectively manage projects and resources. 

We have come up with an enhancement for daily catch-up emails where users can create tasks by just replying to the daily catch-up mail.

File View at Task Details Page

This is another feature enhancement we made at the request of an open-source user. The team has acknowledged the requirement and come up with the update.

File Name And Size, Project Management Blog

Now users can view the uploaded “File Name” and “File Size”, and can download the files by clicking on them.

View of Task Assignee at Active Sprint

Users can see the task’s assignee (resource) name at the active sprint. 

Task List Screen, Project Management Blog

Sprint Completing Permission

Underneath the scrum project, any role-based users like Admin, Owner, Client, Custom Users, and Default User were able to close active sprint.

Now we have revoked the permission from the default users, clients, and guest users. And the users who can complete the sprint are:

  • Admin.
  • Owner.
  • Custom Users.

Only Admin or Owner can close the active sprint at scrum projects.

Email Notifications on Closing the task

The email notification feature has been released before. Anyhow, this functionality was not triggering at the time when the user change the task status by using drag and drop functionality.

The team has fixed this issue and users can find the email notification in their mailbox instantly.

Upcoming Releases

Dashboard 2.0 –  Our Orangescrum family can expect the Dashboard 2.0 within our upcoming release.

With this new dash, role-based users like Administrators, owners, and other role-based users can now see the status of projects, resources, tasks, budgets, and more. 


With this update, you can now track all of your tasks and gain insight into what must be done next. 

Let me give you a quick overview of our Product Update. However, feel free to ask questions! 

We are anticipating your thoughts on the new task details page, and how it works for planning your tasks. 

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