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Orangescrum – The Project Management application suits to businesses of any size, to keep them organized; to effectively manage projects and resources.

Orangescrum excels in task management that offers powerful yet easy to use task controlling functionalities like Daily catch up that will get Daily team update email right in their Inbox.


How it works?

When you have teams (local or remote) working on various projects, it may happen that one or many team member might miss out on sending daily update. Orangescrum has a feature where a reminder to send Daily Update can be scheduled for the team member.

Upon seeing this automated reminder, the member(s) just need to respond to that with their respective updates.

How do you do it?

Select the Daily Catch-up menu on the left bar or select it from the top right menu options.

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Step# 1: Choose the Project Name from the drop down.

Step# 2: Select the users by selecting the check boxes who needs to receive Daily catch-up alerts.

Step# 3: Set the Alert time by selecting hh:mm.

Step# 4: Change the Time Zone if applicable.

Step# 5: Select the appropriate frequency for sending the alerts for particular days in a week.

You will love the powerful features of Orangescrum that helps get your projects done faster with Time Tracking and Invoicing capabilities all in one single app.

Try-out the all-new Orangescrum. The easiest project management ever.

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